Sharing Your Online Giving Page

Sharing Your Online Giving Page

When you enable online giving with Breeze, we'll provide you a web address that you can link to from your home page, share with others via email or social media, and even embed right on your website so your users have a completely seamless experience. To share your online giving page:

  1. Navigate to "More" > "Contributions" > "Online Giving."
  2. Click the "Share" button in the "Web Giving Box" in the center-left of the page.
  3. Use one of the three available options:
    1. Giving Page Address - A link you can email with others or post on social media. Donors can click the link to give to your church.
    2. Link from Website - Code that your web developer can use to create a "Give" button directly on your church website.
    3. Embed in Website - Embed the giving form directly on your website for a seamless donation experience so the donor never has to leave your site. Note that we highly recommend installing an SSL certificate (https) on your site prior to using this option. You can use the simple version of the embed code, or, if you're looking for more custom options, see the advanced version. Information on that is below. Note: Log in option and page content are not available on the embed page.

Any additional code added, such as iframe, might cause the embedded giving page to change to the mobile view. This may cause the page to lose some intuitive design when viewing it from a desktop web browser. Functionality does remain the same.

Have a WordPress website? You might consider using the third party WordPress Breeze Plugin. If you're not using the WordPress plug-in, switch to 'Code Editor' mode and copy/paste the embed code from Breeze.


Advanced vs Simple Options for Choosing to Embed by Website

The "Simple" code will read something like this: 

<div id="breeze_giving_embed" data-subdomain="SUBDOMAIN"></div>
><script src=""></script>

The "Advanced" code will be customizable and start with a look like this: 

<div id="breeze_giving_embed" data-subdomain="SUBDOMAIN" data-width="100%" data-background_color="fffff" data-text_color="000" data-donate_button_background_color="777777" data-donate_button_text_color="ffffff" data-fund_id="" data-frequency="" data-amount=""></div>
><script src=""></script>

When using the advanced code, here is what each section represents:

Code Description
data-subdomain Your Breeze account's subdomain
data-width The width of the giving section
data-background_color The giving screen's background color
data-text_color The giving screen's text color
data-donate_button_background_color The donate button's background color
data-donate_button_text_color The donate button's text color
data-fund_id The fund ID can be viewed by navigating to "Contributions > Funds", clicking on the desired fund, and looking at the ID in the URL. When this option is used, the selected fund becomes the only fund that can be given to from that giving page.
data-frequency W = weekly
2W = every 2 weeks
M = monthly
Y = yearly
data-amount Any number


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