Background Check

At the current time, Breeze does not have an "integrated" nor "sponsored" background check supplier.

Below are a few background check providers that some of our advisors use at their churches/companies:

- Good Hire
- Ministry Safe

- SecureSearch

We are currently exploring potential avenues for background check automation and partnership in the future.

If you are simply looking for a way to log background check results or additional certificates within Breeze, most of our churches create a custom profile field to log this information directly on the profile of their staff/volunteers.

Having a "Date" profile field would be great for tracking when the individual's background check was completed, and would allow you to search from the People section, individuals who may need their background check status updated (such as individuals with the background check date prior 2014 who may need to go through the process again).

You could also create a "Checkbox" profile field that lists steps needed for employment/volunteering: i.e. Background Check, Child Safety Training, etc.