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This article provides information about storing multiple email addresses on Breeze profiles. It covers topics such as how to add multiple emails, how shared email addresses are handled, and best practices for formatting emails.

Key points:

  • You can add multiple email addresses to a profile by separating them with a comma in the Contact section.
  • Sending an email to a profile with multiple emails will send the email to all addresses on file.
  • Shared email addresses in a family will only receive one email per message.
  • Emails sent from Breeze use the logged-in user's email address.

Storing Multiple Email Addresses on a Breeze Profiles

Sometimes you may want to store more than one email address on a profile and this can be done very simply through Breeze! All you have to do is edit the Contact section on a profile, add the second email right next to the first, separated by a comma.

Note: If there are two email addresses attached to John Doe's profile and I go to email him from the People section or Tag (or any other group aspect), it will automatically include both email addresses. This means he will receive the email at both addresses on file.
To send an email to a specific address on file, the church must select the individual address from John's profile. Having multiple emails on one profile will interfere with online giving auto-associations and form entry auto-associations. Since Breeze will check what was entered in the "Email" field against the entire email field in the profile, entering just one email into the online giving page or a form will result in it not automagically associating for a person with multiple emails separated by commas.
You will also find member access invite emails will not deliver successfully to profiles that have multiple email addresses stored. You'll want to ensure only one email is listed in their profile to send the member access invite or allow them to create a user in a different way. For more information, see Allowing Members to Have an Account in Breeze.


Shared Email Addresses

If individuals in a family share an email address on their Breeze profiles (ex. spouses and children), and you send out an email with more than one of those family members selected, it will only send one message to that email address, as a precaution to avoid spam. If you'd like for every member of the family to receive your bulk emails, we recommend having a separate email address for each recipient eligible. 

If you use the mail merge field "[FIRSTNAME]", and you have multiple profiles selected with the same email, the merge field will pull in the profile that was first created in Breeze (based on their Breeze ID assigned at profile creation). This is unlike our normal "Group by Family" behavior found in exports and statements.

For example, if a new family is being created in the "Add Person" window, and you have first entered in the child's profile information and next entered in the parent's profile information, the child will have received the lowest Breeze ID upon profile creation. In this situation, this means that if you have selected all of these profiles to email (and all profiles selected share the same email), Breeze will merge in the child's name when the "[FIRSTNAME]" mail merge is being used in group emails.

There are two workarounds in this family situation:

  1. Change the child email address to something different from the adult profile. 
  2. Create a new child profile and merge the older child profile into the new one. This will keep the newer profile ID, which will "force" Breeze to prefer the adult profile which, at this point, will be the lower profile ID.

Internal Note: In the past, it was documented that this was based on alphabetical precedence, yet it was discovered that Breeze sorts by lowest Breeze ID when group by family logic is not specified (which is the case in email sorting).

Send-From Address

Emails sent from Breeze send from the logged in users email address on their User Settings (see Changing/Updating User Settings.

These emails also include the name assigned to the User as well, so if you want your email to appear as coming from your ministry, consider updating the User name with the name of your ministry as well.

Formatting Best Practice

  • For images within your mailing's content the recommended .html sizing is often 480 x 480 pixels or smaller. Note: If a photo is too large it will cause the email to fail without a deliverability report.
  • Total email attachment size limit is 20mb. Note: If it’s one attachment too large, it’ll provide an error. If it’s multiple attachments under the amount, but the total is over the amount it’ll simply fail to send and will not provide a deliverability report.


Random Facts

  1. Font used in emails is Verdana
  2. There are few reasons why an email would say pending:
    • There's no email under the Profile.
    • There's an attachment that's too large in it that's causing it to "break".
    • It's a Contribution Statement that is legitimately stuck and we'll need to send that out for them.
    • The email address under the profile is incorrect. (Space in the email address, wrong domain, etc.
  3. There is no text limit for characters when sending an email from Breeze.
  4. When inserting links that are file-specific, you'll want to make sure to have that http:// or https:// at the beginning of your link. Without having that, Breeze will treat your URL as an internal link, causing the link to break.

Note: If a group email is not sending, check to make sure all email addresses are correct. One incorrect email address could cause all emails to fail.

Why you shouldn't copy and paste into emails

The Email and Statement Compose windows don't handle copying/pasting from other email platforms, or Word, as the formatting isn't supported by the underlying library (ie. TinyMCE). To keep the source formatting, one option you may want to try is to use COMMAND+SHIFT+V (on Mac) or CTRL+SHIFT+V (on Windows) to paste as this causes the pasted content to exclude any formatting (effectively "pasting as text").

Example: Pasting with a particular font into a compose window in Breeze will keep the source formatting rather than the destination formatting. Following the above steps will keep that from happening.

Another option is to copy the email content and paste into the free Notepad app. Then immediately copy and paste it from Notepad into Breeze. Notepad cleans all the formatting away including the hidden double spacing.

Note: Multiple emails inside of the user can cause emails sent from said user to remain in pending status.

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