Removing a Profile Picture

Welcome to our guide on managing profile pictures in Breeze ChMS! Learn how to update and remove profile images with ease, ensuring accuracy and professionalism. Whether you're adding a new picture or removing an old one, our simple steps will guide you through the process effortlessly. Empower your members to take control of their profiles by allowing them to edit their own photos. Let's dive in and enhance the visual representation of your community!

In order to permanently remove a picture from a person's profile, they must first have a new picture to replace the old.  

  1. To Add a new Picture

    • Navigate to that person's profile.
    • Click on the image box at the top.
    • Click "Upload Image" and select the image you want to upload.
    • Crop the image to the appropriate size and save the change. After you've added in a new profile picture, follow these steps to delete the old picture: 

  2. To Remove old photos

    • Click on the image box at the top

    • Click "manage pictures" in the bottom left corner

    • Click the red "x" on the picture that you would like to remove

If you're unable to see or delete newly added profile pictures, we recommend that you refresh the screen to view the images properly after upload.

To permanently remove all profile pictures

If you would like to permanently delete a profile picture but do not have a new one to put in its place you will need to upload a generic new image in its place such as this image here:


Allowing Members to Edit their Own Photos

If you would like to allow your members to edit their own pictures, after you have given them access in the roles section then you could add an image like the one below which will show your users how to upload their own photo.