Searching for the Parents of a Group of Children

If you want to contact the parents of a group of children without having to keep a separate group for the parents, you can do so quickly and easily!

  1. Go to the People tab
  2. Click 'show more filter options' on the left
  3. Find your children that you're looking for (either by age, grade, tags, etc.) 
  4. Under 'Other > Search Type' change "Person" to "Parents"

This will change all of the results of the children into their parents. 

From here you can contact the results through text or email.

This will bring up a list of people in the household that have a role of Head of Household, Spouse, or Adult. Therefore, if you have adult children/siblings in the household you may want to consider separating the profiles from the family unit if you only want to pull up the parents.


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