Searching for the Parents of a Group of Children

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    It there a way to mail merge the child's name into the email after making this switch? The email addresses are in the parents contact information but the child profile does not have email addresses.

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    Hey there - unfortunately the only mail merge option is for the name of the person who has the email on the profile.  If you put the parent's email on the child's profile in addition to the parents then you can email the child (via the parent) and include the child's name that way! 

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    I LOVE this "parents" feature when searching for kids in the People section of Breeze, however, I'm trying to figure out how to do a similar thing from the Events section of Breeze.  For example, if I host a kids event and we check-in the children who attend that event, how can I email the parents of all children who attended that event?

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    Emily W.

    Hey @christinamj!

    I love it to! It's awesome! 

    The best way to do this for events, is to put those children who attended the event into a tag.

    Then once they are in the tag, you can search for them in the People section of Breeze by selecting Tags(the tag you put the children from the event in)<Other<Parents.

    Hope this is helpful!


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