Finding everyone that does not have a date field filled out

Learn a straightforward method for identifying individuals in your Breeze Church Management System database without date information, such as birthdays. This guide offers a clever workaround using tags to segregate profiles based on the presence or absence of date fields. By creating two tags—"People with Date" and "People without Date"—and utilizing the filtering options, you can effectively manage and update your database, ensuring no important dates are missed.


Occasionally you will need to find the people in your system that don't have their birthdays listed within Breeze or another date field.  Normally, you can just add an exclamation point in the field when showing more filter options to see fields that are empty.  However, this doesn't work the same with the Date Fields.  Therefore, you're going to need a workaround.

Here is a Breezy way of finding profiles in your Breeze account that have no information in a date field:

To complete this task you will need to know how to create tags.  Click here to learn more about how to Add a Tag(s).

  1. Create two tags. People with Date. People without Date. 
  2. Go to the People tab in Breeze and select "Show More Filter Options"
  3. Select the date field that you would like to search for and press the "Date" option.
  4. Make sure Month, Day, and Year are set to "Any" (This will pull everyone who has a date on their profile).                                                                              
  5. On the Action Panel, select More Actions > Assign To Tags. Assign to a tag that already exists or create a new one and add them to that tag.
  6. Go to People > Show More Filter Options > Tags > Does Not Contain and select the tag that you just added the people to.

Now you will have a list of those without a date field in your database!  

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