Finding everyone that does not have a date field filled out


Occasionally you will need to find the people in your system that don't have their birthdays listed within Breeze or another date field.  Normally, you can just add an exclamation point in the field when showing more filter options to see fields that are empty.  However, this doesn't work the same with the Date Fields.  Therefore, you're going to need a workaround.

Here is a Breezy way of finding profiles in your Breeze account that have no information in a date field:

To complete this task you will need to know how to create tags.  Click here to learn more about how to Add a Tag(s).

  1. Create two tags. People with Date. People without Date. 
  2. Go to the People tab in Breeze and select "Show More Filter Options"
  3. Select the date field that you would like to search for and press the "Date" option.
  4. Make sure Month, Day, and Year are set to "Any" (This will pull everyone who has a date on their profile).                                                                              
  5. On the Action Panel, select More Actions > Assign To Tags. Assign to a tag that already exists or create a new one and add them to that tag.
  6. Go to People > Show More Filter Options > Tags > Does Not Contain and select the tag that you just added the people to.

Now you will have a list of those without a date field in your database!  

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  • Hi!  I did what this article, "Finding everyone in you account that does not have date field filled out" instructed.   I can get a list of everyone with a birthdate filled out which is 388 people.  But I cannot get a list of those without a birthdate.  Can you give me some insight?  It would seem that there should be an option of "None" in the Month, Day, Year drop downs.

  • @joni

    Great feedback here! Inherently, the date fields do not have an option to show you profiles that don't have information listed for that field. The best way to get that information is by Assigning anyone with a date to a Tag and then searching for everyone "not contained" in that Tag. This is basically what the article is suggesting to do. Here's a short video explaining: 

    Another great way to get this information is by exporting an Excel document so that you can examine the columns that are blank. We completely understand that this is not the most "breezy" function, however, it will get what you are looking for. 

    Let us know how we can continue to help!

  • Is there a way to find people who has been inactive for a specific length of time? We can send email to reconnect with them or place them to inactive status. for example, people has not been checked in any service meetings, classes, cell groups, logged in, nor donations. 

  • Hello @fondachang!

    There is certainly a way to keep track of this. For those that have a user account, you can find their activity in the 'log' of your 'manage account' option in the cog icon of your dashboard (upper right hand corner). To help you locate this option, I've included an image below:

    Hope this helps you!!