Searching for Phone Numbers in Breeze

People love to utilize the phone number search feature in Breeze! This helps you find specific people who match a certain phone number criteria!

Here's how!

  1. Select the "People" tab on top.
  2. On the left, click "Show More Filter Options."
  3. Find the "Phone" dropdown and begin entering a partial or full phone number. 
  4. This will bring up a list of people containing those string of numbers!

Bonus Tips:

For additional functionality, you can use the following characters for special searches:

  • Asterisk (*) = Searches for everyone who has any data in this field. Entering an * will find everyone with a phone number in Breeze!
  • Exclamation Mark (!) = Searches for everyone who has no data in this field. Entering the "!" into the "Phone" field will find everyone without a phone number in Breeze :)
  • Asterisk(*) + Text = Treats the asterisk as a wildcard. For example, if you wanted to find everyone with a phone number with area code "555" simply enter 555*. 


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  • Many church leaders just need names of a group of people along with their street address and a phone number. But phone numbers are NOT showing up in their search results when the person's only phone is a cell phone. When the Home Phone field is left blank, no phone number appears in the search results even when a cell phone is listed. I tried to work around this by duplicating cell phones as home phones, but that does not work for households with more than one cell phone. In those cases, adding a cell phone number in one family member's home phone number field changes the home phone for every person in the family. Is there a better work around than this? Thanks!

  • I should add that the invisible phone number problem appears when exporting the search results as a Directory, which is by far the easiest way to export this information compared to trying to export it to Excel and laboriously going through every cell and customizing the search results.


  • Hey @pegweissbrod!

    Thanks for reaching out with this Great Question! I know how important it is to quickly pull information like that for your leaders in order to contact your members! I think the quickest way to accomplish this would be to Export as an Excel document, but to customize which specific fields you want pulled into that Excel Doc, before you download it!

    I recorded a quick video to show you how to accomplish this: 

    I hope this helps! If you have further questions please feel free to reach out to


  • Thank you, Titus, but if you're saying exporting people using the Directory option will not display their phone numbers, then I am wondering why Breeze even offers a Directory option. The Directory option should include all phone numbers without having to go through Excel.

  • Hey @pegweissbrod!

    I'm so sorry for any confusion on this! I should have clarified about the Directory, BEFORE I discussed just getting the data in Excel! You can definitely do a Custom Directory where you pull in mobile phone numbers into the Directory without having to change them to home numbers. You're absolutely right that would not be a "Breezy" way of getting mobile numbers to show up in your directory!

    Here's a quick step-by-step guide on Creating a Customized Directory in order to add those mobile numbers into your directory:

    -Pull up the list of people by running an advanced search
    -On the right, click "Export"
    -Select "Directory" from the dropdown list
    -Click the pencil icon in the lower left hand corner
    -Select the "Custom" template format from the dropdown to create your own format. Include the information you would like to pull in from the "Fields" tab on the toolbar (including Mobile Phone)

    Here's a screenshot of what this should look like:

    I know this is a lot of information! Please feel free to email us at and we will do everything we can to make sure you get this directory set up perfectly





  • Oh, that makes much more sense now, Titus. Thank you for sticking with me until I "saw the light." I'm not sure I would have found this on my own.

  • @pegweissbrod Stepping in here for Titus. I'm glad we could help today. Blessings!