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    This is not what I wanted, but I understand what you are saying. 

    What I would like to happen is that if John Doe and Betty Smith have different names, but have the same "family role" (both head-of-household, or both spouse) that Breeze would list them as "The Doe Smith (or Smith Doe) Family". 

    You all need to understand that this can cause problem if both partners are not recognized.  Off the top of my head I can see how not acknowledging both parties in a relationship  can trigger negative Racial, Sexist, and/or Gender responses and I'm sure there are other negative responses that it can trigger that are not coming to my mind.

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    Stephen Ivey


    Thanks for reaching out to the forum! 

    We certainly understand your perspective and always appreciate the feedback. If you would like us to take this into consideration as a potential future update, please submit a feature request here: Submitting Feature Requests



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