How to Create a Report for Archived People

Many churches and ministries desire to track annual trends for reporting and planning purposes. Some of these reports might include negative associations, like the number of people who have left a ministry or the number of funerals in a given timeframe. These people are usually archived in Breeze, and therefore require some additional work to create a helpful reporting system.

Create Profile Fields for Reporting on Archived People

  1. We'll need to first make the appropriate Profile Fields in order to have data to report from. This might include a date field as well as a "Text" field for additional notes.
  2. Navigate to "Account Settings (mceclip3.png) > Profile Fields"
  3. Drag the "Date" field from the left and drop within the section you desire.
  4. Rename the field to the name you desire. Perhaps something like "Archived Date."
    • Optional: Drag the "Text" (or "Notes") field underneath the newly created "Archived Date" and rename this field something like "Archived Notes." 
  5. Click "Save Changes"

Create Report of Archived People

Before you archive a person (or family), you may want to edit their profile to include this "Archive Date" as well as any notes that might be included. For this example, Fred Flintstone may have left his church because he moved. You might include that in the new "Text" or "Notes" field you created below the "Archived Date."

  1. Select the "People" tab from the top right.
  2. On the left, click "Show More Filter Options."
  3. Select the "Archived Date" and choose the appropriate reporting range.
  4. Under the "Other" section, choose "Archived."
  5. Select your preference of "Archived"
  6. This will now give you the ability to view these archived people and export this information as needed 
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  • I wanted to know if I can archive an entire family at one time.  I have a family that I would like to archive and there are quite a few members.  Thought it would be nice if I could archive them all at one time with one swift "motion".  Just wondering.

  • @templeva1955

    I'd love to show you a great way to archive families all at once! Type in the family last name in the Filter Search bar in People, select all the family members you wish to archive, and then use the Action Panel to archive them all at once. Feel free to check out our article, Archiving People Things To Know for some more tips here!



  • Thanks so much!

  • Once you have archived someone how do you un-do - if I archived and then they returned to the church - is there a way to reinstate?

  • Hey @finance!

    This is an excellent question! Yes, you can absolutely un-archive a person whenever needed! :) To restore an archived person:
    1. Select the "People" tab from the top left.
    2. In the upper-right corner, select the down arrow to the right of the "Add Person" button.
    3. Select "View Archived People" from the drop-down list.
    4. Click the undo icon to the right of the person you'd like to restore.
    For more information on this topic, be sure to check out the following Help Center article: Archiving a Person or Restoring Archived People 
    I hope this helps!
  • I archived a lot of people using labels suggested a helpful article about “did not attend recent events” and givers. However, I should not have archived those who are still members. Is it possible to run a report on archived people who are tagged as members?

  • Hey @ixnorm!

    Great question! If I'm hearing this correctly, this definitely sounds like a report that we are able to run! :) 

    Be on the lookout, as I will be sending an email soon with instructions on how to do this!

    Thank you so much for your kindness and patience!