Handling Divorced Families

Within Breeze, individuals (including children) can only be tied to one family unit. Understandably, the divorced family scenario can be a little more complex, especially if both divorced parents are attending the same church. 

Recommendation for best practice is to keep the children attached to the primary parent family unit. We realize that some children live with both parents half-time and that the "primary family unit" isn't always a perfect solution. If communication to both parents is desired, you are able to record two email addresses in the child's "email" profile field. When emailing, use "To the Parents of" and insert the mail merge for the child's first name.

Another option would be to create a "Parent" tag and email the parents through that tag each time. This would allow you to create your own list of people and they would not have to all be in the same family.

Click here to read more about how family units operate in Breeze.

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