Sending Out Birthday Emails

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    Very helpful feature!! Can you also please look into making this available via text? We have a congregation that leans younger on the age spectrum and they don't do emails too much. Thanks!!

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    Love this feature... and I agree with the above that texting birthday option may be a nice addition.  

    For now, keep up the good work.  This is going to make our staff look so much better in our members eyes!

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    Rosalie Hayman

    Great it possible also to use this feature to send e-mails for baptismal birthdays?

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    Is there an extra charge for sending email messages? Or a limit?

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    Hi there - there is no extra charge or limits for sending emails whether in the automated tasks or regular emails (or anywhere).

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    Is there a way to change the font after you've inserted the message?  I had copied and pasted the message that we're sending from a pastor's email but the [FIRSTNAME] was coming across in a different font in the received emails; it really makes it look too much like a form letter.

    I took the text back to Word and made it all the same font and set it back in the task again.  It would be convenient if we could pick different font options in the edit options of the automated birthday task.  Is it already there and I'm missing it?  I see where text can be made Bold or Italic but I don't see an option on Font.

    Thank you!

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