Sending Out Birthday Emails

A customized happy birthday message can now be automatically emailed to people on their birthday. You'll format it just like an email so it can include a message, images, links, and more.
This task runs daily at 9am, emailing those who have a birthday that day

Setting Up Your Automated Birthday Emails

  1. Go to the Account Settings (mceclip3.png) >  Automations
  2. Click "+ Add Task"
  3. Select "Birthday Email"
  4. Select the "Send To" options by choosing either everyone in your database or a selection of tags
  5. Choose who the message should send from (any user in the system is eligible to be the sender regardless of permissions)
  6. Make your subject line (default is "Happy Birthday!")
  7. Change the content to what you'd like it to read
  8. Click "Add Task"

The task will run each morning at 9am (local time), emailing each person who has a birthday that day.

After a birthday email is sent out, if it cannot be located in the primary inbox, it is possible that the email is in a spam folder or another mailbox folder in your email.

If people have the "Do Not Email" option selected under their profile, they will still receive the Birthday Email.

Additional Options for Sending Out Emails

  • If you choose to send a birthday email to people in specific tags
    • If an individual is in multiple selected tags they will receive multiple emails
  • You can change who the birthday email comes from (must have a user)
    • Does not require an email attached to the user
    • Does not require email permissions
  • If you want multiple emails from different users, must set up multiple tasks
  • Birthday emails address the individual by the Nickname on their account (if present)
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