Using Smart Tags

Overview: Automatically assign (or unassign) people who match a given filter to a tag! You can choose the filter based on profile fields, and then select the tags to which you'd like that filter to be assigned. People that match a given filter will automatically be assigned to a specific tag.
This task runs every hour.

Setting up Smart Tags

  1. Click on the Account Settings (mceclip3.png) > Automations
  2. Click "+ Add Task"
  3. Select "Smart Tag"
  4. Create your filter (or choose an existing saved one) based on profile fields
  5. Select which tag(s) you'd like that filter to automatically assign to
  6. Select whether or not you'd like anyone who does not match that filter to be removed from that tag (if you choose this option, any existing individuals in that tag who do not fit the criteria will be removed and the tag will have a "locked" icon next to it.
  7. "Add Task"


We know this gif may move too quickly to fully understand - if you need slower step by step directions please view the video at the top of the page

FAQS on Smart Tags

When will this task run (timing)?

Immediately | When the task is first created or when Smart Tag settings are updated.

Every Hour | Thereafter, or when toggling to "enable" a previously "disabled" task (unlike immediately when creating or updating).

Can I update my Smart Tag?

If you wish to edit or update your Smart Tag, click the "gear" icon next to the Smart Tag you wish to update. Click "Filter Selected" to make those changes. Click "Update Task" to save.

Note: this will automatically run the Smart Tag logic again as soon as you click "Update Task" so your Tag should now contain (or remove) those additional people.

Why does my tag have a lock next to it? 

When you select to "remove people from this tag that do not match the selected filter" the tag is now locked. The tag will appear as "locked" on all screens within Breeze, not allowing you to add or remove anyone manually as it is now populated based on profile field filters only. As long as the tag is locked, the task will remove everyone once per hour not meeting the filter criteria. 


How do I add or remove people from a locked tag?

Adding or removing someone from a locked "Smart Tag" is done through updating the profile field(s) on the person's profile to either match or not match the specified criteria listed in the Smart Tag - no manual additions/deletions available.

For example: Let's say you have a "Member" tag which is locked because the smart tag is set up to filter for people who have the status of Member. If you see someone in the tag that does not belong, you would want to navigate to their profile and change their status from member to something else. This will remove them from this member tag. 

Can I add people to a Smart Tag not matching the set filter?

Manually adding people to tags is available on smart tags that aren't locked (based on the remove people checkbox selection).

Tip: Want to only remove people once a year (based on filter criteria)? Select "remove people", save the changes, the task will run immediately updating your tags and removing those that don't meet the filter. Then, deselect the "remove people" and you're set to add/remove manual for the rest of the year. 

Can I still "Add People" at check-in when the event is tag eligible (to a locked tag)? 

Yes, BUT... the next time the automation runs (every hour) and the individual profile fields don't meet the filter criteria, the person will be removed from the tag. Attendance will be retained, just not the tag assignment. 

Best practice: "Specify Add Person Fields" to include the profile fields required in your smart tag filter - that way the new person will meet the smart tag criteria and remain in the assigned tag (this is done on the event settings page). 

What if I want to use a similar Smart Tag again? (copying tasks)

We know that sometimes you may want to use a very similar search for your smart tags.  While we don't have an exact "copy" method at this point, we do have a suggestion to make duplicating smart tags easy! 

Create saved searches for your similar tasks. 

To create a saved search, follow the directions found in our article here.  After you've created your saved search you can create your smart tag filter and load up the saved search in your filter, make any adjustments needed and you're off! 

Use Cases

Grade level tags | Assign students to specific tags based on grade level using smart tags. Then, let the default grade promotions continue the work for you! When grades automatically promote, your tag updates will follow! Praise! 

If you keep membership status on both profile fields and tags, you can set a filter so that your tags will keep up to date when you update profile fields.

Keeping specific ministry tags is easy, too!  If you'd like all women who are attenders and members to belong to a tag for "Women's Ministry", you can set that up in smart tags!



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  • Smart Tags will definitely be helpful but still looking for a better way to use small groups & events more effective & efficient.

  • Is there a way to create smart tags based on contributions?

  • @Sraisz at this time there is not a way to create smart tags based on contributions. However, we do have the option to Create Automated Follow Ups with New Givers

  • Is there a way to create smart tags based on attendance? If not, this is the only thing keeping us from transitioning to Breeze!

  • @pastordunnw

    Thanks for reaching out to the Breeze Community!

    Is there a way to create smart tags based on attendance? If not, this is the only thing keeping us from transitioning to Breeze! 

    • Great question! I really wish there was a better answer that I could give to you here, but Unfortunately, no. The only Automated Task associated with Attendance is our Task for New Attenders which essentially creates a Follow up for anyone who attends for the first time!
    • Automated Tasks Overview

    Please let us know if there's anything else that we can do for you!

  • So if I understand it right, you can remove someone but if they meet the filter requirements They will be re-added?  
        I have a men's ministry that wants to hit all the men in the church, but we have had some men that say, "hey that not my cup of tea, take me off list for that."  I am not quite understanding how to remove them and keep them out of that Men's ministry tag.  Even with updating the old list to try to catch new ones, still run into the same issue. I don't think I am understanding the solution to this, unless I create a filed that could be used in the equation to eliminate them from the tag? 


  • @scotty

    Exactly! It all depends on what requirements you have for people to be in the Tag. If it's just demographic, then this will work flawlessly. If it's moreso dependent on manual additions/subractions, then you would be best not to use the Smart Filter. 

    I hope this helps!

  • We have a lot of smart tags set up and it says that it updates them every hour, but I have edited some and it has not been updating them every hour.  Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere that is preventing the update?

  • Hi @eatonfamily4ks,

    Thanks for reaching out! Great question. I'm going to connect with you via email so that I can help serve you a little bit better.

    Be on the lookout for an email from me!

  • For some reason one of my smart tag filters isn't working properly. The filter is set to assign 3 and 4 year olds to a smart tag, however only the 4 year olds are being automatically added to the smart tag, not the 3 year olds. Any ideas as to why it's doing this? Has this happened to anyone before? 

  • Hi @seven795! We definitely want to help troubleshoot this with you further! Be on the lookout for an email from me so we can check this out :)

  • I have set up a smart tag to add and remove base on a profile filter. I have locked it so it will add and remove. It does not update on it's own every hour like it says. The only way I can get it to update is to manually update the smart tag myself.

  • Hey @kentcardwell!

    Thank you for reaching out to our team. I am so glad to hear you are using the smart tags! They can be great when they are working properly. This stinks and I am so sorry for the trouble here with them not connecting! We'd love to ensure that everything is set up correctly and that there are no additional filters or fields causing the disconnect. Would you mind to email our team with some more details? (name of account, smart tag, the filters, etc.) We'd love to serve you and resolve this issue for you!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  • Can I set up a smart tag to check a profile filed is either "Ben" or "Benjamin" and update the tag. Can I update 2 different tags the same time? 

  • Hi @fondachang!

    Great questions! At this time, a smart tag will only update who is in a tag. It is unable to check profile fields and change information. You can however use our update tools to update information:

    Bulk Update People

    Updating Multiple People at Once

    Yes, you can set up to two smart tags to update different tags. You'd simply just set them up separately.


  • Smart Tags are great but it can be quite cumbersome when it doesn't allow for an 'OR' function in the condition setting. I think this would be an extremely valuable and it seems like it would reduce the number of Automated Tasks I have to create just to replicate the OR function for it to be a 'Smart Tag'.

  • Hello @jireh!
    Yes indeed! Smart Tags are a great feature in Breeze! I'm glad that you are making use of them to streamline your processes.
    Your comments about allowing for an "or" function are intriguing. We are always making refinements in our features and having your feedback, would be quite helpful! The best avenue to share feedback of this nature would via this link: Submit A Feature Request
    Thanks again for your valuable comments! Keep up the great work!
  • Is there a limit to number of automation smart tags and will it impact performance based on the number of smart tags coded?

  • Hey @txtarts!

    Thank you for reaching out about this! There is no limit to the number of automated smart tags that you can set up, and it shouldn't impact performance based on the number of smart tags coded!

    I have seen others create an extensive amount of smart tags and they all work perfectly! :)

    I hope this helps! Have a wonderful day!

  • Is there a way to create a Smart Tag within a form? We are looking at creating a form that would generate a tag upon completion of the form.

  • Hey @christinab!

    I'm so glad you asked about this! 

    While there isn't a way to create a smart tag with a form, if I'm hearing you correctly, you can definitely use the "Auto-Tag Form Respondents" automation to auto-add people into a tag after they have successfully completed a form! 

    You will have to make sure their form entry is connected to their profile first, and after that it will auto-assign them to the tag of your choice!

    You can learn more about this here: Auto-Tagging Form Respondents and Connecting a Form With a Person

    I hope this helps! :) 

  • Is there a way to quickly see the filters set for each Smart Tag without having to open each one individually?  

  • Hey @sheripine!

    That's a great question! At this time, currently, there's not a way to see which filters are set for each Smart Tag without opening each Smart Tag individually. I sincerely apologize for this limitation!

    Since this is a current limitation of Breeze, I want to encourage you to provide your excellent idea to our Product team! They are always looking for ways to improve Breeze for our Breeze family, and I think this would definitely make things more "breezy" for ministries! You can learn more about submitting Feature Requests here: Submitting Feature Requests

    Have a wonderful day! :) 

  • Is there a way to create a Smart Tag for Anniversaries to send out emails the same the Birthday emails? TIA

  • @andraliss

    Great question!  Unfortunately, that is not a current feature in Breeze.  I do see how it could be helpful and time saving though. If you would like to submit that as a Feature Request, you can do that here: Submit Feature Request.

    Have a blessed day!

  • How do I create an automated task that will assign individuals with last names beginning with A-C to a single smart tag. Can this be achieved with a single automated task? Or, will l be required to set up three separate automated tasks to accomplish this (one task for each letter)? 🤔

  • @webmaster

    Great question!  This will have to be achieved with multiple Smart Tags.  You cannot run a filter for last names beginning with A-C.  You can run filters by individual letters though by looking up A*, B*, C*, etc.  Setup a Tag for "A Last Names", "B Last Names", etc.  (Of course, you can call them whatever you want.  This is just an example.)  Setup Smart Tags to populate those Tags.  Then, you could setup another Tag called "A-C Last Names".  Setup a Smart Tag with the Filter of tags "A Last Names", "B Last Names", "C Last Names" to be dropped into the "A-C Last Names" tag.

    Hope this helps!