Using Smart Tags

Overview: Automatically assign (or unassign) people who match a given filter to a tag! You can choose the filter based on profile fields, and then select the tags to which you'd like that filter to be assigned. People that match a given filter will automatically be assigned to a specific tag.
This task runs every hour.

Setting up Smart Tags

  1. Click on the Account Settings (mceclip3.png) > Automations
  2. Click "+ Add Task"
  3. Select "Smart Tag"
  4. Create your filter (or choose an existing saved one) based on profile fields
  5. Select which tag you'd like that filter to automatically assign to
  6. Select whether or not you'd like anyone who does not match that filter to be removed from that tag (if you choose this option, any existing individuals in that tag who do not fit the criteria will be removed and the tag will have a "locked" icon next to it.
  7. "Add Task"


We know this gif may move too quickly to fully understand - if you need slower step by step directions please view the video at the top of the page

FAQS on Smart Tags

When will this task run (timing)?

Immediately | When the task is first created or when Smart Tag settings are updated.

Every Hour | Thereafter, or when toggling to "enable" a previously "disabled" task (unlike immediately when creating or updating).

Can I update my Smart Tag?

If you wish to edit or update your Smart Tag, click the "gear" icon next to the Smart Tag you wish to update. Click "Filter Selected" to make those changes. Click "Update Task" to save.

Note: this will automatically run the Smart Tag logic again as soon as you click "Update Task" so your Tag should now contain (or remove) those additional people.

Why does my tag have a lock next to it? 

When you select to "remove people from this tag that do not match the selected filter" the tag is now locked. The tag will appear as "locked" on all screens within Breeze, not allowing you to add or remove anyone manually as it is now populated based on profile field filters only. As long as the tag is locked, the task will remove everyone once per hour not meeting the filter criteria. 


How do I add or remove people from a locked tag?

Adding or removing someone from a locked "Smart Tag" is done through updating the profile field(s) on the person's profile to either match or not match the specified criteria listed in the Smart Tag - no manual additions/deletions available.

For example: Let's say you have a "Member" tag which is locked because the smart tag is set up to filter for people who have the status of Member. If you see someone in the tag that does not belong, you would want to navigate to their profile and change their status from member to something else. This will remove them from this member tag. 

Can I add people to a Smart Tag not matching the set filter?

Manually adding people to tags is available on smart tags that aren't locked (based on the remove people checkbox selection).

Tip: Want to only remove people once a year (based on filter criteria)? Select "remove people", save the changes, the task will run immediately updating your tags and removing those that don't meet the filter. Then, deselect the "remove people" and you're set to add/remove manual for the rest of the year. 

Can I still "Add People" at check-in when the event is tag eligible (to a locked tag)? 

Yes, BUT... the next time the automation runs (every hour) and the individual profile fields don't meet the filter criteria, the person will be removed from the tag. Attendance will be retained, just not the tag assignment. 

Best practice: "Specify Add Person Fields" to include the profile fields required in your smart tag filter - that way the new person will meet the smart tag criteria and remain in the assigned tag (this is done on the event settings page). 

What if I want to use a similar Smart Tag again? (copying tasks)

We know that sometimes you may want to use a very similar search for your smart tags.  While we don't have an exact "copy" method at this point, we do have a suggestion to make duplicating smart tags easy! 

Create saved searches for your similar tasks. 

To create a saved search, follow the directions found in our article here.  After you've created your saved search you can create your smart tag filter and load up the saved search in your filter, make any adjustments needed and you're off! 

Use Cases

Grade level tags | Assign students to specific tags based on grade level using smart tags. Then, let the default grade promotions continue the work for you! When grades automatically promote, your tag updates will follow! Praise! 

If you keep membership status on both profile fields and tags, you can set a filter so that your tags will keep up to date when you update profile fields.

Keeping specific ministry tags is easy, too!  If you'd like all women who are attenders and members to belong to a tag for "Women's Ministry", you can set that up in smart tags!



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