Using Custom Saved Searches

Setting up and using people searches in Breeze can help you quickly run reports on people in your database and so much more! 

Save a Search

  1. Select the "People" tab from the top left.
  2. On the left, click "Show More Filter Options."
  3. Select all of the criteria you would like to filter by. The results will show up on the right.
  4. To save the search, click "More Actions" on the right and select "Save this Search."
  5. Enter a name for the search and click "Save Search."


Load a Saved Search

  1. Select the "People" tab from the top left.
  2. On the left, click "Show More Filter Options."
  3. Using the "Saved Searches" dropdown on the top left, select the saved search you want. The search will run automatically when you select the option.


Note: To delete saved searches simply select the gear icon to the right of the saved searches dropdown.

Default filter

There may be times in which you want only a limited number of people available to a given user by default. This may be because some people are inactive (moved away, deceased, etc) or because that user has a specific subset of people in the church he or she interacts with (e.g. youth pastor interacting with students and their families).

In either case, setting a default filter on the People page can help provide a solution to this. By setting a default filter, only people who match that filter are displayed on the people page.

People outside of this filter will still show up in other places, such as searching for them by name, running an advanced search, viewing them in check-in lists, etc. This simply controls who shows up on the initial list of people on the "People" section.

Note that this is not intended to be a security setting. Users can easily change the default filter or view people not included within the default filter by searching for them. Also, if your default filter includes "Include Archived" people, these people will also appear on exported directories.

To set a default filter:

  1. Select the "People" tab on the top left.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Set Default Filter" in the bottom right corner.
  3. Select your desired filter criteria and click "Apply Filter."

Note: These changes do not apply to the app at this time. 


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  • Our church is new to Breeze.  Is there a way to make saved searches global so all of our users can get the same results when looking for certain criteria?

  • Hey @alan!

    Welcome to the Breeze family! :) This article provides you the information in how to create and save a search option that are user specific and at this time it is not a current feature for that to be visible outside of your user account.


  • Is there a way to delete a "saved search" list on the people tab?


  • Hi @cocoffice!


    1. Select the "People" tab from the top right.
    2. On the left, click "Show More Filter Options."
    3. Using the "Saved Searches" dropdown on the top left, select the saved search you want.
    4. Select the gear icon on the right of the saved search.

    A pop-up box will open with the saved searches and a small x to the right of the saved search will allow you to delete it.

    Hope this is helpful!

  • I was just looking for information on how to make a saved search available to other users. I realized that isn't an option, but perhaps you can share a static search with them so they don't have to recreated it.

    When you have a search created that you'd like to save, all of the data is in the address bar. Perhaps sharing that (copy & paste) with another user (by email for example) would allow them to quickly access the same search. Then they could choose to save it if they plan to use it again in the future.   - Shelly @ Butler

  • @Shelly, that's an excellent pro-tip!! As long as others have the same access (e.g. to those filter options) then they definitely should have the ability to view that pasted information - and then save that search as well! Thanks for sharing that option here!
    Happy Breezing!

  • I tried to use a "saved search" in a smart tag and add the smart tag. it worked and showed assigned records in the tag. However, The smart tag lost the selected "saved search" after I disabled and enabled the smart tag. Is there anything I misunderstood?

  • @fondachang

    Great question! We certainly apologize for any inconsistencies that you may be experiencing here. However, we were not able to replicate this error. Even when using a saved search, we were able to toggle the smart tag off and then back on with no change in settings.

    Please feel free to call in and speak to our customer support so that we can walk you through this!



  • How about editing a saved search ?  Specifically, I just wanted to edit the name. I don't see an obvious way to edit, though that seems logical and simple, even just to review it. What am I missing?


    Kit Binns

  • Hi Kit,

    This is a great question. While you are absolutely correct that there is not technically an "edit" feature (so sorry about the headache there!), it is possible to resave the search and give it a different name. Then, you can simply delete the one with the old name :) 

    Hope that helps!

  • Thanks, Alex -- not a problem. Your suggestion is about the same as just running a new search. Both are simple solutions. I had forgotten the Save this Search off to the right and only saw the opportunity to delete the saved search. 


  • You're welcome, Kit! Always happy to serve. Happy Breezing :) 

  • There seems to be a problem with saved searches. They do not update once created.

    Several months ago I created a saved search.

    Since then, several names have been added to criteria that should either remove them or add them to the list. HOWEVER, the list remains static.

    When I do a manual search, using the same criteria, all the adds and drops appear. But not when saved search is used. 

    This makes saved search useless.



  • Hi @EmeryHurd,

    I'm so sorry that your Saved Search hasn't been working properly. I agree that isn't very helpful! I would love to dig into this with you personally. Be on the lookout for an email from me soon. 

  • Is there a way to create a list of people whose last gift was in 2019, 2018, etc.?  I'd like to use this for the purpose of archiving "people".

  • Hi @cadams! Absolutely you can! This will be more of a contribution report, but still easily done! 

    You'll want to start with this resource to pull a contribution report. My recommendation would be to start by filtering the report to the date of 01/01/2020 and after.

    Then use this resource and toggle to "Graph view" to find the Givers vs Non Givers report. This will show you those in your database that have not given in the time period of 01/01/2020 and after. You can always adjust the date as needed to search for different criteria.

    Hope this helps! Reach us at for some additional help here.

  • This is exactly what I needed!  Thanks, Connor!!

  • Apparently saved searches can only be used in People, not Reports.

    It would be awfully helpful if I could use a saved search to when generating giving statements, since there are a number of variables that control which statements to do at a time. Family vs individual statements, for example. Or printing statements only when there's no family email.


  • @daw30410

    Yes, the Saved Searches feature referenced above is built into People.  While there is not a Saved Searches feature in the Contributions Reports screen, there is an easy work around.  You can create your report and bookmark it using your browser's bookmark tool.  You could rename that bookmark to something that would help you remember what type of report you had built.  Then, when you need that type of report again, just load that bookmark.  It will have all of your filters saved.  You may have to update the date range you want, but that would be all.

    Hope that helps!

  • @DavidBarker

    Well, yeah, that sort of works. Clumsy at best, and I'll have to resort to some non-Breezy mechanism to "can" those searches for others to use when I'm not available. 

    But I find it very surprising that a common task like "Filter on people" isn't implemented in one place, to be used wherever "people" are viewed. "Object oriented design" has been a thing for decades now.


  • @daw30410

    Thank you for your feedback!

    If you would like to recommend this as a feature to our Product team, you can do that here: Feature Request.  We are always looking for ways to make Breeze better for our users.

    Have a blessed day!