Creating Automatic Follow Ups for New Attenders

Follow Up with New Attenders

When someone attends an event for the first time, you can have Breeze automatically create a follow up for that person. 
This task runs daily at 9am.

Overview: Want to reach out when someone attends a Sunday service for the first time? Or, maybe when they’ve attended their first small group. Let tasks help you. 

Setting Up Your Follow Up for New Attenders 

  1. Go to the Account Settings (mceclip3.png) > Automations
  2. Click "+ Add Task"
  3. Select "Follow Up with New Attenders"
  4. Choose the event that you would like to trigger the follow-up for
  5. Choose the follow up that should be triggered
  6. Click "Add Task"

Extra Options While Setting Up (or Editing) This Task

When someone hasn't attended for a long time and then attends again, sometimes that goes unnoticed. Now you can trigger a follow up to include people who have attended for the first time in 18 months or longer. 

Using Multiple Events in One Task

If you use multiple events in one task, then only the first time someone attends any one of those events will it trigger a follow up.

For example, if you have 3 Sunday services and someone who typically attends your 9am service comes to the 10:30 service instead, a "new attender" follow up will not be assigned because they have been previously checked into the 9am service. 

In the event that you do want to track if someone switches services for the first time, you can set up a separate task for each different event series. 

Use Cases

Create a special follow up which will allow you to get in touch with a first-time attendee, welcoming them in and encouraging them to come back.

When you have someone new join an ongoing event for the first time, alert the staff member responsible for getting that person class schedule information, class roster and/or study material - whatever the "task" is that needs to be done when someone attends for the first time, set up an automated follow up to alert you of their attendance. 

About Follow Ups

If you need assistance with learning more about Follow Ups, please view the following article: 

Follow Up

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