Auto-Tagging Form Respondents

Overview: You can have Breeze Automatically assign (or unassign) people to a tag who have responded to a form! You can narrow down the results based on specific respondents' entries. Note: Only entries that have been connected to a profile will be automatically assigned to the tag. See: Connecting a Form With a Person

Setting Up Auto-Tag Form Respondents Automation

  1. Go to the Account Settings (mceclip3.png) > Automations
  2. Click "+ Add Task"
  3. Select "Auto-Tag Form Respondents"
  4. Choose the desired form
  5. Select whether or not you'd like to narrow down the results based on a field in the form
  6. If yes, set that filter
  7. Choose the tag that the respondent should be added to
  8. Select whether or not when this task runs you would like people who do not match this filter to be removed from the tag.
  9. Click "Add Task"


 (This video intentionally has no sound) 

These tasks runs every hour.

Additional Information on Auto-Tagging Form Respondents

When will this task run (timing)?

Immediately | When task is first created or when the task is manually updated.

Every Hour | Thereafter, or when toggling to "enable" a previously "disabled" task (unlike immediately when creating or updating).

Why does my tag have a lock next to it? 

When you select to "remove people from this tag that do not match the selected filter" the tag is now locked. The tag will appear as "locked" on all screens within Breeze, not allowing you to add or remove anyone manually as it is now populated based on profile field filters only. As long as the tag is locked, the task will remove everyone once per hour not meeting the filter criteria. 


How do I add or remove people from a locked tag?

Adding or removing someone from a locked tag is done through updating the form respondents - no manual additions/deletions available. 

Can I add people to a tag not matching the set filter?

Manually adding people to tags is available on tags that aren't locked (based on the remove people selection).

Tip: Want to only remove people once a year (based on filter criteria)? Select "remove people", save the changes, the task will run immediately updating your tags and removing those that don't meet the filter. Then, deselect the "remove people" and you're set to add/remove manual for the rest of the year.  

Can I add respondents to more than one tag?

Absolutely!  You can create multiple smart tasks for one form.  Simply create a different filter option of responses and choose a different tag for the individual to be connected to.