Storing Prayer Requests

Overview: Storing your prayer requests so that you can easily stay up to date with the prayer requests of your church family.

While the process of storing prayer requests can be done several ways, our goal is to make it as breezy as possible! We’re here to offer solutions and let you decide what works best for you and your church, regardless of whether or not Breeze is at the forefront.

With the use of key Breeze features, you can easily collect information for these prayer requests to ensure your members that their requests are being seen and heard. Where you store it really depends on your unique ministry and how you hope to use it.

There are three ways you can store these requests within Breeze. Our best practice recommendations are:


If it's just record-keeping of historical prayer requests, then using Notes is going to be a great choice for storing these requests. You can use the notes section within an individual’s profile to store these requests.

As you gather information about a particular request, you can simply navigate to the individual’s profile, select notes and then add a note about their request. This can be visible to just the user who added the note or to the member.

See more on how you can create a Note here: Creating and Viewing Notes



Forms offer another great way to gather and store prayer requests.

Because Breeze forms are highly customizable, you can use them for whatever you want! Creating a “Prayer Request” form would give you a set place to gather specific information and would allow people to provide this on their own time.

Another perk to using a form is that it allows an individual to submit a request at any time, knowing that instead of calling the church they can simply submit a request that the church will get right away.

Here is an example of what this Form could look like:




To learn more on how to create and share Forms see here: Creating a Form

Custom Profile Field

A great way to store and keep track of prayer requests is to create a new “Prayer Request” section with a corresponding profile field. You can use this field to track prayer requests at your church. Here is an example of a custom profile field:



To learn more on how to create new Profile Fields see here: Customizing Profile Fields

Congratulations, you’re now ready to store prayer request and allow your members to submit and share their requests to the church.  

We recognize that every church is unique so if you would like additional assistance in brainstorming different ways to track and organize your prayer requests, please contact Breeze Support.


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  • If a form is used by members to submit their prayer requests, is the form connected to their profile so that their current and previously submitted prayer requests be viewed from their individual profile?

  • Hi @info! 

    Great question! If there is a profile field that matches the field in the form,(the name of the fields have to match) you can update and connect the information so that it populates in their profile. Connecting a Form With a Person

    If you need any additional support in connecting this information, please don't hesitate to reach out via phone or email. We are here and happy to serve!

    Happy Breezing! 

  • Do any of these methods make searching for all current prayer requests an option? What about confidentially logging pastoral care touches like hospital and home visits or phone calls and cards sent?

  • Super question. I'd like to know about search-ability too!

  • Hey @imussergritter!

    Great question. If those current prayer request are stored as notes or profile fields they can be searched for using the "Show more filter options" . (People<Left side "show more filter options.") 

    Profile fields can be marked private by going to Users and Roles and editing the role and de-selecting them from what is visible when someone views a profile. You can also limit forms and other features of Breeze with in Users and Roles.

    Editing a Role

    Users and Roles Video

    Hope this is helpful!

    If you need any additional support with setting up or searching for Prayer requests, please reach out to our Support team via phone or email. We are happy to serve you!

    Happy Breezing!

  • That is helpful : ) Thank you Emily.

  • Hey @info!

    You are most welcome! Happy we could help you and your church!


  • We have already created a prayer request form and it is getting used, but my question is about adding the form to the app. Is there a way for members to use the form to submit a prayer request through their app? 

  • @jmunzert

    Great question! Unfortunately, the app is not designed to be used in this way. It is currently designed so that users who have access to forms can edit them directly from the app. It has not been formatted however in a way that would be useful for normal users to access forms. Giving regular users the ability to access forms in breeze also gives them the ability to view all of the entries and their contents. For this reason, we suggest that regular users only view forms via the shared options available for forms (Website Embed or URL Link). 

    Please let us know if there is any other way that we can serve you!

  • Thanks for responding. I know y'all are always improving and if you ever update to allow form submission through the app that would be super helpful!

  • This is a follow question to sorting for prayer requests. If using a notes profile filed, with the new label "Prayer requests" would it be possible for someone to search for prayer requests from, for example, just the past month? If one goes to people and then prayer requests what information would one key in in order to view these specific requests?

  • @darcyyoungstrom

    Unfortunately, you wouldn't be able to search for the timing of when the Note was entered because there's no date/time  stamp attached to it. (as it is simply a Text/Essay field). 

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause!

  • @lmussergritter

    We are using the Follow-Ups feature to keep track of prayers and pastoral contacts. Made a special follow-up category for Prayers. Most of the prayers we immediately "complete," but it's helpful to have them stored there in case there is relevant follow-up info to add, or to search later. We have a lay visitation team and will start using it for them to delegate / assign and report back about visits folks make.

  • We have another site that we have been using for the prayer requests that sends to all the people on the list. Currently how I have the Breeze form set up only I, a part time staff member, would get the emails. I'd like to cut out the middle man, me, so that the form automatically goes to our people who have said that they would pray. I've made a tag for these people. How can I set the form up to send to the Prayer Chain Tags I have set up?

  • Hi @Office!

    That's a great question. While there isn't a super Breezy way to send the Form confirmation to an entire Tag, I do have a workaround in mind!

    First, you can Use the Action Panel to download all the emails addresses of those in your Tag.

    Next, you can go into the Form Settings and add these email addresses (one by one unfortunately) to those who receive an alert when a Form has been submitted. This would eliminate you as the middle man!

    I recognize that this is a little cumbersome and might not be the simplest solution. However, I hope this work around can still serve you and your church well!