Changing the Account Owner on your Breeze Account

Occasionally, it may be necessary to update the Account Owner for your Breeze account, perhaps due to personnel changes or organizational restructuring. This process is straightforward within Breeze, ensuring a seamless transition.

Important: Only the current Account Owner can initiate this change within Breeze.

Steps to Change the Account Owner

  1. Log In: The existing Account Owner must sign into the Breeze account.
  2. Navigate to Users & Roles: Access this section by going to Account Settings [mceclip3.png] > Users & Roles.
  3. Initiate the Change: Find and click the pencil icon next to the user you wish to designate as the new Account Owner.
  4. Designate the New Account Owner: Check the box labeled "Account Owner," confirm with "Okay," and complete the process by clicking "Update."


    By following these steps, you can ensure that the role of Account Owner is always held by the most appropriate individual, maintaining the smooth operation of your Breeze account.

What If the Account Owner Is No Longer with My Organization?

In cases where the current Account Owner has left the organization or cannot log in to make necessary changes, follow these steps to ensure your account remains up-to-date:

  1. Prepare a Request on Official Letterhead: Draft a request detailing the need to change the Account Owner from one user to another. This request must be written on your organization's official letterhead to verify its authenticity.
  2. Obtain the Chief Executive’s Signature: The request must be signed by the Chief Executive or an equivalent authority within your organization to demonstrate its approval and legitimacy.
  3. Contact Breeze Support: Submit your signed request to Breeze support. Ensure you include any relevant details that could assist in processing your request quickly.

Lost Access to the Current Account Owner Account?

If you've lost access to the current Account Owner's password but still have access to the associated email address, you can regain access by:

  1. Visiting your church’s Breeze login page.
  2. Clicking “Forgot Password” directly under the “Sign In” button.
  3. Following the instructions to reset your password.
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