Removing Someone From a Family

Welcome to our guide on removing individuals from a family in Breeze ChMS! Discover the ease of streamlining your database by separating profiles when needed. Whether a child transitions to their own household or adjustments are necessary due to family changes, our straightforward steps ensure smooth navigation. Learn how to seamlessly disconnect individuals while preserving their data integrity within the system.


It is easy to remove a person from a family to populate as a "stand-alone" profile or be connected to a different family.

  1. Navigate to the profile of the person you want to remove from the family.
  2. Click the gray header over the family section.
  3. Click the remove icon to the left of the person's name. This will remove them from the family but not the database.


For more information on when someone should have a "stand-alone" profile or be connected to a family, see Using Family Roles