Removing Someone From a Family

There are several scenarios when removing someone from a family in Breeze is beneficial. Perhaps a child grew up and left to start a home of their own! Or maybe there was a separation in a family or user-error when entering information.

Whenever this happens, it is easy to remove a person from a family to populate as a "stand-alone" profile or be connected to a different family.

  1. Navigate to the profile of the person you want to remove from the family.
  2. Click the gray header over the family section.
  3. Click the remove icon to the left of the person's name. This will remove them from the family but not the database.


For more information on when someone should have a "stand-alone" profile or be connected to a family, see Using Family Roles
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  • It would be helpful to have some notes here to confirm if the person's contributions, tags, etc. will still be linked to them after they get removed from a family.  I assume they will, but it would be good to see that affirmed in writing.

  • @darren

    Thanks for reaching out to us today! Removing someone from a family will not effect anything else outside of their connectivity to that family. All other information will remain in tact!