Event Check in Eligibility

Oftentimes churches will want to control who shows up in the list of eligible people to be checked into a certain event. If you're checking infants into the nursery, for example, you may not want senior citizens showing up on the same list. Breeze allows you to restrict who shows up on the list.

For a new event

  1. Select the "Events" tab from the top right.
  2. Click "Add Event" or click an empty space on the date you'd like the event added.
  3. On the right side, change the dropdown for "Select who can check into this event" to whatever you desire (options include: Everyone, Specific Tags, Form Respondents, No One).

For an existing event

  1. Select the "Events" tab from the top right.
  2. Click the event you'd like to edit.
  3. Click "Edit Event Settings" on the bottom left
  4. On the right side, change the dropdown for "Select who can check into this event" to whatever you desire (options include: Everyone, Specific Tags, Form Respondents, No One).


Everyone Everyone in your database will show up on the check in list. This is the default behavior.
Specific Tags Only people within specific tags will show up on the list. This option allows you to link the event with any number of tags.   
Form Respondents People who have filled out a certain form will show up on the check in list. Ideal for a registration form to check those people in when they show up to the event they registered for.2
No One No one will show up on the check in list. This is ideal if you only want to keep track of a total headcount rather than specific names.
1 When creating these tags, you may want to bulk assign people based on certain criteria to a tag or tags so you don't need to add each person individually. See Bulk Assign Tags for more information.
2Form respondents must be associated with a person to be eligible for an event. See Forms and People for more details.
Note: In order to add people to a tag when adding individuals to Breeze from the Check in page, the Event eligibility must be set up to Specific Tags.


If you'd prefer to filter the list of people (by tag) after the check in page loads1:

  1. Load the check in page for the event.
  2. Click the gear icon (mceclip1.png) at the top by the event's name.
  3. Click the "Filter" button.
  4. Select the tags containing the people you'd like included on the list.
1 Note that this option is only available when the event's eligibility is set to "Specific Tags."

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  • I would like to check people in a group of tagged people that attended an event.  When I go to check these individuals in, I only see a search form for me to type a name or phone number. 

    What I would like to see is a list of tagged names with a check box next to each one so I can check them into the event easily.  How do I do that?  Thanks.

  • @greg

    Thanks for taking a moment to reach out to the breeze community!

    This can be easily done by changing the mode at which you were checking in people. You are currently in Search Mode, but it would need to be changed to List Mode. See here: Selecting Check In Modes 

    Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help! 

  • Hi there, I have created events and set them with eligible people in certain tags. I then created a role that should only have access to one of the tags yet when I go to test, I can see all of the tags in the check in list. I'd like the person to only see the check-in list that includes the tags they are allowed to see.  I can click the settings button in the app and update the tag filter to choose one of the four tags but I was thinking the role should prevent the person from seeing the other tags.


  • Hey @brit1brit!
    Great question! The "check-in" portion of Breeze does defy some of the Role permission logic, as the expectations are a bit different in this area. We would expect to allow people with the "check-in" to view all people who are eligible. The filter setting is definitely an option but not ideal for sure. If there's a specific goal you have in mind I know our team would love to brainstorm with you! Free free to give us a call or email us at: support@breezechms.com and we would love to talk through options here!

  • We've just synced our Google calendar into Breeze, and were hoping to be able to check people into worship services using this calendar.  However, when trying to do that I'm getting a message that because it's an External Calendar we are not able to - is there any way around this without re-entering all of the events?

  • @parfreyville That's a great question! The google events are read-only, meaning that the calendar will not allow for edits on the Breeze-end and will not work for volunteers or check-in purposes. It is simply a way to keep all events together on one calendar. It sounds like you want to check people into the event, so we'd recommend using a Breeze calendar event so that you can manage check ins, volunteers, etc. For more information, check out this article

  • We have set up a tablet with check in permissions that can be taken to different events to allow for check in.  We tagged the people who registered for a class and then set the event to list "specific tags" so not everyone shows up on the list.  HOWEVER, when someone who didn't sign up (and is thus not included in the tags) shows and we go to add them to the check in. we go through all the steps and when we hit add, the "settings" "gear" shows up and goes no further.  How do we check in those? 

  • @charlottebailey

    Great question, here! The suggestion here for unregistered people would be to use the Check In Screen to Add them to Breeze while simultaneously adding them to the proper Tag and Checking them In! View this resource: Adding Visitors in Breeze

    This will walk you through how to make sure they've been added properly! 

  • My question is how can I create a simple attendance sheet for Sunday Services?  Right now, I have a rooster of the entire congregation and simply check off only those in attendance.  At the end of service I transfer the information to an Excel spreadsheet, that I created.

    1.  How can that be done in Breeze?

    2.  The attendance will be taken weekly,

          a.  How do I add visitors?

          b. Will I have to recreate one each week?

    3.  How can I make it accessible for our Pastor's review, if he so desires to review it?

  • @Plunker261

    I'd love to help you here! Breeze can help you accomplish all of this. Printing Attendance Sheets is a helpful resource to start out with. You can print as many events forward as you'd like, as long as you have the event set up on a recurring cycle. You can also share attendance reports with your pastor by giving him permission to view these events. Creating Attendance Reports and Using Attendance Report Filters should be helpful!

    As explained in this article, "Event Check In Eligibility," you can set up an event to be eligible for certain groups of people. "Everyone" will include all of your database, but you might even find that "Specific Tags" works better for you so you can shrink your groups down into smaller sections. Here's how the check in system works: Event Check In Video & Checking People into an Event

    You can add visitors right from the check-in screen! Adding Visitors in Breeze and Add Contact Information for Visitors With Events are helpful resources here! 

    Need some more help? Please email in to support@breezechms.com and we'll be here for you!

  • We have a number of recurring meetings that includes a certain group of people (for example: the Deacons and the Minster meet monthly). Is there a way to send all the Deacons a reminder that the meeting is coming up (preferably including the meeting link and information)? Right now "Deacons" is setup as a tag and the meeting is setup as an event. It looks like if we use the Deacons tag as possible check in options there are no reminders and we'd have to set them up as Volunteers to use reminder functionality - is that the only option to send a reminder associated with an event to a set group of people?

  • Hey @secretary, Thanks for asking about this! At this time, you are correct, you would have to set up the Deacons and Ministers as "Volunteers" in order to have Breeze automatically send out reminders to them. Because event eligibility is simply used as a way to let Breeze know who should or rather can check into a particular event there is no way of sending reminders out. You can easily assign an entire tag to volunteer, and then set their recurring schedules for the events that you have set up, then you can customize the reminders to include the meeting link and information, and the system will automatically send these out for you. 

  • For marketing purposes, we need to be able to link to an event.

    Because event details are currently only a pop-up window that does not appear to be an option and is a HUGE disservice. 

    Are there any plans to correct this in the near future?

  • Hi @cslaudra! I'm sorry that we didn't have a feature that you were looking for recently. If you wouldn't mind, please submit a feature request with as much information given about what you're looking for. Our Product team reviews every feature request sent in. :)

    Please reach out to support@breezechms.com for any additional questions.


  • Hi. We are going to begin having a volunteer check in worshipers on an ipad. To make this more manageable, we want to limit the list to specific boxes under Status (member, child of member, potential member and regular non-member). Then we will take down visitor information on paper. I read this article and don't see where this is an option. I could create a new tag and add everyone with a status I mentioned above but there must be an easier way to do it. Advice? Thank you.

  • @heatherwinker

    Thanks for your question!  Based on what you said above, you are correct that you should drop those people into a Tag.  Then, set the eligibility for that event to the Tag that you create.  There is not an eligibility based on Status.  That is why you'll need to use a Tag.

    Hope that helps!