Selecting Check In Modes


Explore different check-in modes and choose the one that best fits your needs with this comprehensive guide from Breeze ChMS. Learn step-by-step instructions for selecting check-in modes, ensuring seamless registration and attendance tracking for your church events. Whether using self-check-in kiosks, manned stations, or mobile devices, this article empowers you to customize your check-in process for optimal efficiency and convenience. Discover now to streamline your check-in experience with Breeze ChMS.


To switch the Check In mode: Simply click the settings wheel icon in the upper right corner. A pop-up box will open and you can select the option for Mode. You can then choose which mode (search mode, list mode, or kiosk mode) you'd like to use.

Search Mode

Search mode allows people to check in by searching for their name, phone number (7 digit minimum), or by scanning a barcode.

This mode is ideal when the check in screen will only be visible to staff or volunteers or when security is not as high a priority (e.g. it's okay if someone sees a name of someone outside their own family by typing in another name).

When you type in at least 3 characters then names will automatically populate and you can choose from the list that populates who you would like to check in.  If more than 15 names are set to populate based on the characters enter (e.g. if you type in Jon and you have many Jons, Jonna's, Jonathan's, etc). then the search will ask you to narrow your results further before populating results.

With search mode you can search by name (first, last, or both), phone number, or barcode (if you have barcodes currently in your database).

List Mode

List mode displays a filterable list of all the people eligible to be checked in. This mode is ideal when the check in screen will only be visible to staff or a volunteer running check in.

List mode is the least secure, but easiest to use form of checking in.  It simply lists all eligible individuals alphabetically and allows someone to check in someone by clicking on the check in button next to their name.

This mode also allows for an individual to search with the search bar at the top by entering a name, phone number, or barcode.

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode allows people to check in by searching by their phone number or by scanning a barcode. This is the recommended mode when the check in station will be viewed publically and you do not want people to see names outside their own family.

Kiosk mode is the most secure of the check in modes.  It will only allow the user to search by phone number or barcode.  This mode is recommended for churches who want to use an un-manned check in station.  

By default, this mode is locked, requiring a password to access the settings, meaning that no one except a person with the password can change the mode or access any of the other settings. 

Requiring a Password to Access Settings

When you access the mode (by clicking the settings gear icon in the top right corner and click "mode", you'll see the option to require or not require a password to access the settings.

The password is there for extra security.  When requiring the password is enabled, the logged in user will have to enter their password in order to access the settings again.  This will prevent anyone from changing any settings, including the mode.  

By default, search and list mode do not require the password, but kiosk mode does.  Each of these can be changed by clicking on the lock icon.