Name Tags with Allergy Information

Create name tags with allergy information efficiently using Breeze ChMS. This guide empowers you to include essential allergy details on name tags for events or gatherings. Whether managing allergies to food, medication, or environmental factors, follow step-by-step instructions to customize name tags effectively. Enhance attendee safety and facilitate seamless communication with Breeze ChMS. Explore now to optimize your event management process.



  1. Create a custom profile using a "Notes" or "Text" field and naming it something like "Allergies." Be sure to click "Save Changes" :)
    • Note: Using the "Notes" field is recommended since you can use multiple lines to record information and populate that on the name tag!
  2. When customizing your name tag, be sure to select the "Allergies" profile field as one of the options.
    • Note: Consider using the left side of the name tag as these text fields are larger than the right.


Additional Information:

For creating custom profile fields see: Customizing Profile Fields

For customizing name tags see: Customizing Check In Name Tags

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