Using the Settings in Check In

Learn how to leverage the settings in Breeze ChMS's Check-In feature effectively with this comprehensive guide. Explore step-by-step instructions for customizing various aspects of the check-in process, ensuring it aligns with your church's specific needs and preferences. Whether adjusting security settings, configuring printer options, or enabling additional features, this article empowers you to optimize your check-in experience. Discover now how to make the most of the settings in Check-In and enhance your church's event management process with Breeze ChMS.


When using Breeze for Check In you may want to adjust the setting on your check in page. To get to the check in page settings, 

  1. Navigate to Events and click on an Event on the Calendar you would like to Check People into. 
  2. Select the Check In button.
  3. In the upper right corner of the Check In screen click the Settings wheel. 


Role Permissions needed for Checking People In (Events > View Events and Check In People) OR (Check In Only Account)

Check In Settings

There are 5 different options that appear when selecting the settings wheel at Check-In. Click on the numbers below to reveal information about each option. 


1. Printer 2. Mode 3. Head Count 4. Add Barcode 5. Tag Filter
  • When you choose the Printer Option it allows you to select between different printers available to print name tags to.  
  • You can also use the Printers option on a computer to become a print station.



Additional Information

You can use the calendar in the upper left corner to switch between events on a specific day, but also to switch to different days on the calendar to see events eligible for check in. 2021-07-21_09-49-12__1_.gif