Coding Appearing On Name Tag After Printing


Sometimes you may  experience an issue where you'll print a name tag for an event and some coding like "Child_sub_name" will appear on the name tag. This is due to the fact that the Tag Name selected on the name tag customization, but you have not narrowed the Event eligibility down to Specific Tags. Because of this, the system is unable to tell which tags you would like generated on the name tag. If an individual has 20+ tags, these would all appear on the name tags. Additionally, some of our organizations have people grouped into sensitive tags on the admin end that they would not care for the church member to see. These would print out on the name tag without Specific Tags selected.

 Steps to fix this:

  1. Select Event Eligibility to be by Specific Tags.
  2. Remove the Tag Name field from the name tag.
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