Coding Appearing On Name Tag After Printing

If you're encountering unexpected coding appearing on name tags after printing in Breeze ChMS, this guide offers troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. Gain insights into potential causes of coding appearing on name tags and learn how to adjust settings to ensure proper printing. Whether addressing formatting errors or printer settings, this article provides practical solutions to ensure name tags display correctly. Explore now to troubleshoot coding issues and optimize your name tag printing experience with Breeze ChMS.


Sometimes you may experience an issue when printing a name tag for an event and some coding like "Child_sub_name" will appear on the name tag.

This is caused when Customizing Check In Name Tags and Tag Name is selected to appear on the tag, but the Event eligibility has not been narrowed down to Specific Tags.

Because of this, the system is unable to tell which tags you would like generated on the name tag. If an individual is assigned to multiple tags in the database, these would all appear on the name tag. Additionally, some of our organizations have people grouped into sensitive tags on the admin end that they would not care for the church member to see. These would print out on the name tag without Specific Tags selected.

 Steps to Fix

  1. Go to Events.
  2. Click on an event on the calendar, and select Event Settings.
  3. Under "Check In" select Eligible People and switch to Specific Tags. OR
  4. Select to Customize the Name Tag and Remove the Tag Name field from the name tag.