Including a "Check Out" Option

By enabling this setting, the check in screen also allows users to check people out. When check out is enabled, Breeze retains both the check in and check out time.

To enable:

  1. Click the "events" tab
  2. Click on the event that you would like to edit and press "edit event settings"
  3. Check the box for "include check out" under "Check In > Additional Options"
  4. Save Changes

Screen Recording 2020-06-03 at 10.23 AM

Here is how the check in screen appears when a person is checked in (and check out is not enabled):

Here is how the check in screen appears when a person is checked in (and check out is enabled):

Here is how the check in screen appears when a person is checked out:

Here is how the report looks when looking at the event attenders (Events > Click on the Event > View Details > Attenders):



Breeze only logs one instance of Check In/Out at a time. You will not be able to record multiple instance Logs of Check In/Out one after the other. After Checking a person Out, the next action will remove the current Attendance record and allow you to start a brand new Attendance record.
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  • So, if check-in is only enabled, will there be a time stamp for when they checked in?

  • @j6shin

    Thanks for taking a moment to reach out to the Community! A Time Stamp is only given when the "Check Out" option is enabled. Unfortunately, there is no Check In Time Stamp without this Setting being enabled but we hope that it still proves to be useful for you! 

    Thanks again!

  • The time stamps is helpful, but is there a way that the person checking the child out could be required to enter their name?  Our Preschool requires a name for the person checking the child out.

  • @Jeff

    There is currently no functionality in Breeze to require a name at checkout. What we have seen other churches do is Create a Profile Field to denote Authorized Names to pick up the specific Child. They then place that info on the Name Tag and Check everyone's ID's as people come to pick up the child.

    Let us know if that approach could work for your church! Blessings!

  • If check out is enabled, does that mean when the kids are checked out it no longer keeps attendance information?

  • @jeannen

    Thanks for reaching out to the forum! When checkout is enabled it simply means that the child will have a time/date stamp of when they checked in and when they checked out. Selecting it a third time would remove the attendance record. A check in is marked by check -- a check out is marked by an "x" -- and the attendance record being removed altogether simply grays out the selection.

    Prayerfully, this was helpful for you!

  • I agree with Jeff on this. If we’re going to be checking the child out, then we should be able to attach a name of some kind with who is checking the child out. Even better if they have a profile attached so we can see if they have permission to check out the child and who they are with a photo to verify them. Someone’s random uncle should not be able to walk up and say “I’m here for Johnny. I’m his uncle.” And we just hand the kid over whether we know them or not. There should be documentation for our records.

  • @enonsoundcrew

    We certainly agree with you here! The process that we suggest for this is using the family tag well. You'll notice that You have the option to have a child tag, parent tag as well as a family tag printed for this very reason. We suggest only allowing adults who have received the appropriate security tag verification to pick up a child as this cannot be duplicated any other way. 

    Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any additional questions concerning this!


    Happy New Year!