Including a "Check Out" Option

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    This is helpful.  One thing I've seen that I think would be a great add-on to this feature:


    An allowed and a disallowed pick up list.  This is helpful for allowing one family to allow adults from another family to pick up their children (say who are headed to the second family's house after service or who carpooled to Youth ministry).  This can also be used to specify when older siblings are able to check out their brothers and sisters and when they're not.  The third use case is for ensuring there is no confusion with a broken family- if one parent is no longer allowed any custody, they can be marked as not eligible to pick up.  I've seen this implemented as follows:

    On clicking the checkbox next to the child's name to check them out, a window pops up with the list of people allowed to pick up the child, with their pictures from the database. The check-out assistant clicks the picture or name of the person picking up and the system records the name of the individual picking up the child along with the timestamp.

    I'm not sure how easy or difficult this would be to integrate with the current check-in functionality, but I think it would be a great feature to solve a few of those cases above.  Thanks for writing some great software!

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