Updating Photos at Check In

A check in station can be one of the best places to update photos for an individual. When running on a mobile device with a camera, you can use the check in page to update photos. This will prompt the device's camera to take a picture.

Note: you need to use the browser on your mobile device for the camera option to appear. Using the Breeze app will only allow you to upload a previously-taken photo.

If on a laptop or desktop, the prompt will allow you to select a file from your computer. This can be helpful especially if you're putting a lot of pictures in place that you already have on your computer as it bypasses the cropping step.

Confirm Event Is Set Up For Updating Photos 

  1. Go to Events.
  2. Click on an event on the calendar, and select Event Settings.
  3. Towards the bottom, click the option Enable Thumbnail Picture Updating.
  4. Then you'll want to Save Changes.

Update Photo at Check In

  1. Navigate to the check in page for any event.
  2. Tap the thumbnail image of any individual. 1
  3. This will launch the native camera app (or file selection window) on the device. 2
  4. Take a picture or select an existing picture and it will automatically be cropped and resized to fit the Breeze standard.
1 Some smaller screens may have the thumbnails hidden to save space (e.g. iPhone in portrait/vertical orientation). Flip the device to landscape/horizontal orientation to show the thumbnails.
2 If on a laptop/desktop, you'll see a file selection prompt instead. You're welcome to select the file from your computer. Using this feature to update a large quantity of photos can be a helpful time saver.


Updating Photos Using Breeze Check In App 

Updating Thumbnail Pictures on the app can't be done with the phone in the normal Vertical position because the profile photo is not displayed. The phone must be turned landscape to edit pictures in the Breeze Check In App.

  1. Confirm Event is setup for updating photos.
  2. In the Breeze Check In App navigate to the event you want to check people in to.
  3. Turn your iPhone sideways to rotate the screen, which allows you to see profile photos.
  4. Click on the photo or the icon of the person you wish to update their photo
  5. Click Take Photo and take the photo and click Use Photo. Once you choose Use Photo the picture you just took will become the default profile photo.