Updating Photos at Check In

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    Hi, please help.  I cannot get this to work as described above.  What's the secret?  I do have the event option set to enable photo update at checkin.  When I do the checkin from my cell, the camera does not turn on.  I am able to select existing images from the device, but I can't find anything that allows me to take a new picture.  I thought there might be a system wide setting to allow Breeze to access the device's camera, but I didn't see anything.  I am running the app on a Samsung Galaxy S8 with Android v9.  Thanks!

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    Emily W.

    Hi @bklivengood!

    Thank you so much for reaching out. And, thank you for alerting us of this issue. We are currently monitoring a bug with Android devices (which you are describing) where you are unable to directly take a profile picture from the camera of an Android device. 

    Until the bug is fixed, using a browser to directly take a profile picture is the best recommended solution.

    While this may not be ideal, I do hope the information is most helpful.

    To stay up to date on all our updates, please check out our blog: www.breezechms.com/blog/updates

    Blessing to you! 

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