Removing a Person Who Was Accidentally Checked in to an Event

To remove or "uncheck in" a person who was accidentally checked in to an event:

If you have check out enabled in the event settings, check the person out and then click the box again.  You'll get a pop up asking if you want to remove the check in record and you can click to confirm.  

Select the "Events" tab from the top left. Click the event for which you'd like to remove check-in data. Click "Check In."

If you do not have check out enabled in the event settings, simply check the box again and it will "uncheck in" the person.

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  • Unfortunately, checking the person out doesn't remove them from showing up as having attended the event. You can delete the attendance record, however, through the API. 

  • @george

    Thanks for writing in to us today! If you are using Breeze for Attendance, Checking Out an individual (be deselecting the Check Box) will effectively remove that person from the Attendance. The API would only be necessary for use of advanced integration with Breeze and a third party product! If you have any questions here or are experiencing difficulty with this, please feel free to give us a call! We would love to walk through this with you. 



  • Ah, okay - that's if you do not have checkout enabled for the event. With checkout enabled, the accidental check-in gets checked out, but their attendance record gets left in there. I just had to do that on Saturday and that's when I noticed the attendee was still in there, but I had checkout enabled. It might be a nice feature in the UI to have the ability to delete an attendance record. Using the API to it was a snap, though. 

  • @george

    You are on the right track! One more click would have given you exactly what you needed. See here: 

    Please let us know if there's anything else we can do for you!