Removing a Person Who Was Accidentally Checked in to an Event

Accidentally checked in someone to an event in Breeze ChMS? No worries. This guide provides simple steps to remove them from the attendee list swiftly. Learn how to correct check-in mistakes and maintain accurate attendance records effortlessly. Whether it's a simple error or a recurring issue, this article ensures your event data stays precise and organized. Explore now to streamline your event management process with Breeze ChMS.


To remove or "uncheck in" a person who was accidentally checked in to an event:

If you have check out enabled in the event settings, check the person out and then click the box again.  You'll get a pop up asking if you want to remove the check in record and you can click to confirm.  

Select the "Events" tab from the top left. Click the event for which you'd like to remove check-in data. Click "Check In."

If you do not have check out enabled in the event settings, simply recheck the box and it will "uncheck in" the person.