How to Create a Separate Giving Page


  • You have a short term missions team leaving this summer for Haiti, and the team wants to share a specific link (on social media/ via email / etc.) for supporters to donate to this specific Haiti Missions Fund. Your church's online giving page already has a lot of funds available to regular givers and you don't want to confuse or overcomplicate the process for those wanting to support this trip.
  • You have a specific Pledge campaign you want people to give to without seeing the other Fund options.
  • You want people to give to a specific Fund related to an event or cause, without revealing other Fund options.

You can set up and share the link to a separate giving page(s) with the specific fund and even frequency preset!

Steps to Set Up a Separate Giving Page:

First, we will need to find your church's Online Giving Page Link as we will work from this as our base for the URL we will create. This can be found by: 

  1. Navigate to "Giving" > "Online Giving."
  2. Find the "Web Giving Box" in the center-left of the page and select "Share."
  3. Copy the web address in web giving box that states "Your online giving page is live at ..." or click the "share" option and copy the Giving Page Address from there. 

Then we will need the unique Fund ID for the Fund you would like this giving page to be set to: 

  1. Navigate to "Giving" > "Funds"
  2. Click on the Fund you would like to get the Fund ID for. 
  3. Copy the Fund ID from the URL bar. (this is the number at the end of the URL)


Having both the web address (Online Giving Page Link) and the Fund ID we will combine them together, creating a new URL (Web Address).

  1. At the end of we will add ?fund_id=insert fund id to the end. 

Things to know:

  • The Fund does not have to be one already selected in the Online Giving Page settings.
  • If creating a separate giving page this way, the fund is "locked" and does not allow the giver the option to change the fund or give to multiple funds from this giving page.

Custom Frequency Options:

Similarly, we will need the Online Giving Page Link so we can customize the default frequency option by adding ?frequency=insert a frequency option to the end of the original URL (web address) or &frequency= insert a frequency option to the end of a custom fund id URL (web address).

  • The Frequency options are:
    • 1 = one time gift
    • W = weekly
    • 2W = every 2 weeks
    • M = monthly
    • Y = yearly


Things to know about the frequency:

  • The frequency is not a locked option like the above fund. This means the giver is able to change the frequency before submitting a gift if they would like to. 
  • The frequency options listed above (such as "M") must be capitalized in order to work. 
  • A preset frequency like above hides the option to future-date the gift or to choose customizations for the frequency (such as weekly on Wednesday). It will simply use the day of the gift -- so if a donor is giving on a Wednesday and the link is set to weekly and when a donor submits a payment, it will recur weekly on Wednesday. 

Customizing the "Give" Button

To customize the "Give" button made available by Sharing Your Online Giving Page, you'll want to replace the generic link given with your customized options at the end of the website link.



Customizing the Embed Code

To customize the embed code:

  1. Navigate to "Giving" > "Online Giving."
  2. Find the "Web Giving Box" in the center-left of the page and select "Share."
  3. Toggle the embed option from "Simple" to "Advanced."
  4. On the options "data-fund_id=", "data-frequency=", and "data-amount=", you should see quotation marks ("") at the end. Between those quotation marks, you can set your specific parameters as explained in this article. (ex. 'data-fund_id="1532218"', 'data-amount="100"').


As a reminder, when using the advanced code, here is what each section represents:

Code Description
data-subdomain Your Breeze account's subdomain
data-width The width of the giving section
data-background_color The giving screen's background color
data-text_color The giving screen's text color
data-donate_button_background_color The donate button's background color
data-donate_button_text_color The donate button's text color
data-fund_id The fund ID can be viewed by navigating to "Giving > Funds", clicking on the desired fund, and looking at the ID in the URL. When this option is used, the selected fund becomes the only fund that can be given to from that giving page.
data-frequency W = weekly
2W = every 2 weeks
M = monthly
Y = yearly
data-amount Any number


Additional Information:

  • You can have as many "additional" or separate giving pages as you would like. 
  • If you want to customize it further (with options such as a set recurring day, etc.), you can find the additional URL options in the Source Code of the giving page. We would only recommend this if tech-savvy and able to parse through it on your own. 
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