Communication Materials for Online Giving and Text Giving

These free giving resources will help you share with your church members how easy it is to give to your church online or through text message. By sharing your church's giving options on social media, church announcement slides, emails, and other places you communicate, not only do you keep donors informed on how to give—you equip them to give instantly whenever and wherever they feel inspired

Want to learn more about Breeze's built-in giving tools? Check out our Online Giving Overview and FAQs.

Want access to edit slides/files below? Once you have opened the files, Simply Navigate to File > Make a Copy. You will then own these files on your local google drive and be able to edit all of the <<your online giving link goes here>> and <<text to give number>>.


Full Pack-Everything Slides Announcement Scripts
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Premade Graphics

Enjoy premade graphics with universal designs that can easily be downloaded to share on social media, in slides, and wherever you communicate generosity. Choose your favorite or download them all here

Holiday_Giving_Standard.png   GivingTuesday_standard.png

Social_distance_offering_plate.jpg  Online_offering_plate.jpg

Safe_Holiday.jpg Safe_Christmas.jpgNew_ways_to_give_2_-_light.jpg  New_ways_to_give_-_light.jpgNew_ways_to_give_-_dark.jpg. New_ways_to_give_2_-_dark.jpg


Customizable Graphics

Add your church's unique online giving link and/or text giving number on these customizable graphics. When you share these with your church, you'll show how quick and easy it is to donate anywhere and at any time. Download them here.

(A quick note: to customize social graphics, simply download the file and upload it into Photoshop, Canva, Adobe, or the design software of your choice.) 

Holiday_Giving_Customizable.png  GivingTuesday_customizable.png

Two_new_ways_to_give_2.jpg   Take_advantage_-_light.jpgTwo_new_ways_to_give.jpg  Giving_is_easy.jpg

.Holiday_Giving.jpg  Christmas_giving.jpgGive_online_-_light.jpg  Give_by_text_-_light.jpgGive_online_-_dark.jpg  Give_by_text_-_dark.jpg




Customize and print posters with your logo, online giving link, text giving number, and QR code. Display them throughout your church to share the multiple ways to give. Download the customizable PDF files right here.

Give_Online_Poster__-_11x17-page-001.jpg. 2_ways_to_give.jpg. 3_Ways_to_Give.jpg


Emails and Announcements

Use these examples for messaging a new way to give as they're already written or let them provide a starting point when drafting emails, web pages, announcements, social media posts, and other communication. Check them out right here or download them below. 

Screen_Shot_2021-11-02_at_5.05.45_PM.png  Screen_Shot_2021-11-02_at_5.07.32_PM.png  Screen_Shot_2021-11-02_at_4.23.28_PM.png



Take advantage of these ebooks with actionable tips and templates to help you increase generosity and make the most of your giving tools. 

Year-End Giving Playbook

7 Steps to Successfully Transition Giving 

Screen_Shot_2021-12-01_at_8.57.53_AM.png  Screen_Shot_2021-12-01_at_5.34.24_PM.png



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