Why Breeze for your online giving needs?

Why offer online giving?

Perhaps another way to phrase this is, "We've always passed the plate or used envelopes for giving to the church, why would we want to offer something different?". Great question! Here are several reasons you may want to consider offering digital giving to your congregation:

  1. To meet people right where they are at. Many individuals no longer carry cash or even have a checkbook. Online and text giving is a tool that allows these individuals to be generous. Text giving is a specific tool that allows donors to give spontaneously with one text.
  2. To increase overall giving at your church. While there is an expense associated with digital giving (processing fees), numerous studies have shown that giving overall increases much more than just covering the cost of those pesky fees.
  3. To save your staff time. With digital giving, donors can manage their own recurring donations (as long as the church gives them this permission level in Breeze). This allows them to update their own payment methods or edit their recurring donations whenever necessary. 
  4. It's important to your congregation. Generosity and tithing is important to your congregation. Digital giving allows them to continue giving to the church even when they are home sick, or traveling (or because the church is closed down due to a global pandemic). 
  5. Convenience. Setting up a recurring donation once and knowing that you are continuing to give is a convenience a lot of families and individuals would prefer. 

Here's one Pastor's experience with Breeze online giving:

"When the pandemic arrived in March, I was really concerned about the future of our church.  While we have faithful givers, with the exception of 1 or 2 people, no one had ever given online before.  We had just transitioned to Breeze, and I decided to activate online giving with Breeze.  I am happy to announce, that in our annual 2021 business meeting, we reported that giving had actually increased overall from 2019 to 2020!  And, that was with us only have 29 in person services in 2020.  I'm so glad that Breeze was there for us in such a time of dire need and uncertainty." - Pastor Nate, KY


Why Breeze for online giving?

You ask great questions! There are many digital giving platforms available today for all your digital giving needs. With processing fees fairly standard across the board, here are a few reasons you may want to consider using Breeze for your digital giving needs:

  1. Consolidation. Enough said.
  2. Donor covered fees. You can enable the option that givers donors the option to cover the processing fee. This has the potential to be a huge cost saver for the church. 
  3. Breeze Advocates. Not to brag, but we've got the best team of church advocates available today. If your staff OR members have any questions about donations, our team is ready and available to help! Giving is important, we are here to help! 
  4. Features, features, features! With Breeze, admins or donors can quickly edit or refund a donation. Admins can quickly pull Transfer Reports to reconcile with their bank account. Donors can cover the fees (worth mentioning again). Text and online giving are managed in the same spot. You can customize your online giving page so it looks and feels like your church. Email receipts are customizable and sent automatically. Donors can give when logged into Breeze or anywhere your online giving page is available. And last, but not least are the reporting filters. You can run reports based on member profiles, such as attendance, any profile field, tags, etc. Knowledge is power!
  5. Communication Assistance. Even though it's available, people won't use it unless they know about it. We can help. Inside your Breeze account are tools to help you share the news about online giving.

Ready to get started?

Online giving can be enabled anytime on your Breeze account. Here's how to get started. There are no fees for offering digital giving, only processing fees for every donation received. You can view the online giving fees right here