Online Giving Fees

We're big fans of having everything included in your monthly subscription! No extra costs - and the same philosophy is true for online and text giving which is already included in your monthly subscription. The only cost associated with using Breeze's online and text giving are the standard processing fees (a small percentage of each donation). 

View this article for additional information on Online Giving FAQs.

Standard Processing Fees

Below are the standard processing fees if your church or organization is located in the United States of America and using Breeze for Online or Text Giving. Note the timing it takes for each method to process and clear before funds are made available for transferring to your bank account.
Method Amount Processing Time Before Funds are Made Available
Credit/Debit Cards 2.9% + $0.30/transaction 2 Business Days
Bank Transfers (ACH) 1% + $0.25/transaction 7 Business Days


Donor Covered Fees

If you are a US based church and would like to allow your donors to cover processing fees for online giving, you can enable this feature within the settings of your Breeze Giving page. This feature not only introduces the idea of processing fees to your donor, but also allows them to take action and help offset this cost for the church. 

This is only available for Online Giving in the US at this time.


Canadian Processing Fees

Below are the fees if your church or organization is located in Canada and using Breeze for Online or Text Giving. 
Method Amount Processing Time Before Funds are Made Available
Visa & MasterCard Credit/Debit Cards 2.9% + $0.30/transaction 2 Business Days
American Express Charge/Credit/Debit Cards 3.5% + $0.00/transaction 2 Business Days
EFT (Electronic Funds Transfers)
Interac (IDP) Debit Cards
Not yet supported Not yet Supported
Unaccepted Cards
Canadian Online Giving through Breeze does not allow for the processing of Discover cards.

Less Common Fees

  • Failed ACH Gifts (Bank Transfers) incur a $1 Fee.
  • When a donor successfully disputes a transaction (e.g. credit card company or bank pulls back the funds), a $12 fee is incurred.
    • Credit card companies and banks allow account holders to dispute a transaction if they believe it was not legitimate (e.g. fraudulent, inaccurate, etc). If a credit card holder disputes a transaction, you'll have a chance to argue your case. If a bank account transfer is disputed, the money will be pulled back without a chance to argue your case. These dynamics are related to the banking industry and are not specific to Breeze.
  • Cross Border International Fees Transactions processed through Puerto Rico based churches may incur an additional 1% charge due to Stripes cross-border international fee. This includes transactions that originate in any other US territory that isn't on the mainland (with the exceptions of Alaska and Hawaii.) Additionally, transactions from individuals who are based in the US, that are from an international bank, or a card that is tied to an international account, may be subjected to an additional 1% fee.
  • International Visa and International MasterCard transactions associated with Canadian accounts, can incur an additional 0.3% charge, making the total 3.2% for international cards (this fee does not apply to American Express cards).

Benefits of Using Breeze's Online and Text Giving

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