How to Take Attendance for your Online Services


Breeze gives you the options to take attendance for your services whether you're meeting in person or if you're broadcasting online. Here are a few solutions on how you can best manage your attendance for Online Services.

Taking Attendance through a Breeze Form

First, start by Creating a Form to capture the basic contact information of viewers and then Share Your Form on your live-streaming service (Facebook Live, YouTube, etc.)

If you already have pre-existing events on your Breeze Calendar to keep track of attendance, you can Edit Your Event Settings so that your event is Eligible by Form Respondents.

Form Respondents People who have filled out a certain form will show up on the check-in list. Ideal for a registration form to check those people in when they show up to the event they registered for.

You can always choose to Create a New Calendar to keep this check-in data separate from your pre-existing events.

All that's left now is to start Checking People into your Event. You can utilize List Mode to quickly check off the names of the people so that their attendance data is stored within Breeze.

For additional help, see our article Connecting Form Results to an Event for Check In Purposes

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  • So to check people in for each week, I would need to create a form for each Sunday. Am I thinking correctly? I'm trying to make it simple for our people - both our congregation and our volunteers/employees who manage the database.

  • Great point @mleichty!
    In this case, you would need to create a form for each event that you're looking to take attendance for. You might even find that Reopen.Church fits your needs better in this situation for a more "pre-registration/online registration" type program. It's free!
  • Thanks Connor. We do use for reservations for our in-person service and love it.

    We are trying to encourage connection with those who are attending online, and we think asking people to check-in from home would help remind people that they are connected with us - more than just Sunday mornings. The hard thing is that all Breeze check-in is geared toward in-person. The steps to checking in on the app feel cumbersome, and only work if you have the app or an account.

    That's why I was looking at a 3rd-party form and importing attendance - but it looks like that is even more cumbersome than re-creating/re-posting an attendance form for each Sunday morning through Breeze.

    I wish there was a simple, elegant solution that would work for both the end user and the database manager.

    Thank you for your help!

  • @mleichty I totally understand the friction here! We want to improve and make our product better for all kinds of situations that churches face in this time. Would you be able to give us some more feedback of what you're looking to see in our Check-in system? For more information on our Feature Request form, check out our feature request article here: Submitting Feature Requests.

    Thank you again for all of your thought into this!

  • Just starting out on Breeze. For online check-in, can we share the url for the event check-in that is generated when I'm signed in and click on event check-in? Or does it require that the computer to be signed in to a Breeze account?

  • If we use the form, can we create one form for all worship services and add the date as a required field? It sounds like there is still a manual element of using the form info to mark attendance, so adding the date would allow the person entering the data to sort attendance appropriately and could save time on creating weekly forms.

  • Hi Rebecca! Welcome to Breeze! So glad to have you and your church be joining the family.

    The Check In feature can only be used when signed into Breeze and the user has the appropriate permissions. However, the Form link can definitely be shared with everyone!

    In regard to your second question, your hunch is correct. There will still be a manual element unfortunately. Rather than using the same Form every week, I would actually recommend making a quick Copy of the Form and editing the Event Settings to allow that Form for Check In. I hope that makes sense.

    Additionally, I think these additional links may be useful:

    Breeze University
    Reopening your church using Reopen Church Tool and Breeze

    Hope this helps! If this sparks any more questions (or if I wasn't very clear), feel free to email us

  • So I want to make sure I am understanding this correctly...

    I've already made a form for virtual worship attendance for Sunday, January 24th which is already on our 'Event' calendar. I will include the link with our Facebook page worship link for Sunday for people to fill out and submit. That I understand.

    Here's where I'm fuzzy:

    The info that is submitted by online viewers that day WILL NOT show up as "Checked In" on that calendar date? I will still need to manually add everyone from the list of those who filled out the form? From all the reading I've been doing on Breeze and fake/test attendance I've been logging, none of the form submissions show up on the Event date. Is this correct?

    Thank you.

  • Hey @secretary, you are correct with it not automatically checking them in. In your event settings, you will just need to change eligible people to be form respondents. This will allow you to select the form you had everyone fill out for this event. That way when you go to the check-in option for this event it will only show individuals names that filled out the form. It helps you to be able to go through and check the box next to everyone's name a little quicker, rather than having to scroll through a list of everyone's name that is in your database. 

    Hope this helps! If this brings up any more questions or if I was not clear about this, feel free to email us

  • We're looking into pre-check in for parents before they arrive in our building. Is there a way to assign a specific printer to the log in/user and keep it as a default printer so they don't have to select it every time?

  • Hey @pastorkristi! Breeze Check In is designed for kiosk or hosted check in at the event or location. Because many check in scenarios rely on an accurate representation of who is actually present at an event for security reasons, we have not found that attendee or member check in via the app to be the best solution.

    We've found that the best way to simplify your Check In experience is by Using A Barcode Scanner To Check In with our list of Supported Barcode Scanners. This really helps speed up the process of checking people in and I would encourage you to try something like this as a type of self-check in by using the Kiosk mode. 
    We're always on the lookout for great ideas though, and we want Breeze to serve you and your ministry well. As such, we'd welcome further dialogue about this potential feature by Submitting a Feature Request.
    I hope this helps!