How to Take Attendance for your Online Services


Learn how to take attendance for your online services effectively with this guide from Breeze ChMS. Explore step-by-step instructions for tracking attendance digitally, ensuring accurate record-keeping and engagement monitoring. Whether hosting virtual services, webinars, or meetings, this article empowers you to streamline attendance tracking and enhance data management. Discover now to optimize your online service attendance with Breeze ChMS.


Taking Attendance through a Breeze Form

First, start by Creating a Form to capture the basic contact information of viewers and then Share Your Form on your live-streaming service (Facebook Live, YouTube, etc.)

If you already have pre-existing events on your Breeze Calendar to keep track of attendance, you can Edit Your Event Settings so that your event is Eligible by Form Respondents.

Form Respondents People who have filled out a certain form will show up on the check-in list. Ideal for a registration form to check those people in when they show up to the event they registered for.

You can always choose to Create a New Calendar to keep this check-in data separate from your pre-existing events.

All that's left now is to start Checking People into your Event. You can utilize List Mode to quickly check off the names of the people so that their attendance data is stored within Breeze.

For additional help, see our article Connecting Form Results to an Event for Check In Purposes

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