Checking People into an Event

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    When searching for people to check in is there a way to sort results by family? 

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    Emily W.

    Hi there!

    When checking in, if the person being checked in also has family members in the same list, a pop up will appear allowing you to select which members of the family to check in at the same time. If used in conjunction with printing a parent tag, a single parent tag will be generated containing all of the children (rather than one parent tag for each child). You can edit this setting in the event settings under additional options and select check in by family.

    You can then download this information from the reports by selecting the event<reports<people icon<export<excel<pencil icon<group by family. 


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    Is there a way to send a email to the letter to remind them to check people in for a event? Our small groups meet in homes and we want our leaders to check in their group members. We wanted to send out a link reminder maybe.

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    Emily W.

    Hi aamos!

    You can send an email out to your leaders by simply: 

    1. Navigate to a specific person.
    2. Click on that person's email address to bring up the Compose Message window.
    3. Write your email and click send.

    You can even schedule this email to be sent out on the day of their small groups by scheduling the email to be sent out at a specific time:

    1. Compose your message to an individual or a group as you normally would.
    2. Instead of clicking "Send," click the arrow just to the right of the "Send" button and select one of the available options1 to send the message in the future.

    Hope this is helpful! :) 

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