Adding Visitors in Breeze

To add new people while on the check in page, use the following option that best fits your scenario:

Add Individual

  1. When in the check in page, click the plus icon on the top right.
  2. A panel will pop up asking for the person's information (you can customize what information is being asked for in the event's settings)
  3. Begin typing the person's name. If the person is already in the database, a box will pop up allowing you to select that person from a list
  4. If the person isn't already in the database, finish adding their information and click to check them in.
  5. Note: If the event is tag specific, the last option will ask which tag you would like to add them to for the check in process.

Add Family

    1. When in the check in page, click the plus icon on the top right
    2. A panel will slide out asking for the person's information (you can customize what information is being asked for in the event's settings)
    3. After you've entered the information for the first person in the family, click the dotted box to the right "Add Family Member". 
    4. Fill out the next family member's information
    5. Repeat for as many family members as are needed (up to 11 at one time)
    6. Once all the names and information has been entered, click "Add" to check in eligible individual and create profiles for each person.
    7. Note: If the event is tag specific, choose which tag eligible individuals should be listed in to be checked in.  If you are entering information for an individual that does not need to be checked in, choose "Add without checking in"

Tip: First add family members who require name-tags to be printed first, followed by parents/guardians who don't (if parents are added first, the name-tag won't automatically be printed for the child(ren) when clicking "Add".

A limit of 7 family members (2 adults and 5 children) currently exists when adding visitors into Breeze via the check in page.

Add Headcount (Anonymous)

If someone is attending an event who is not already in your database and you don't wish to add that person into your database, you can check them in anonymously. This allows users to record accurate attendance numbers without adding the person to the database. For details on how to add someone anonymously, see Tracking Attendance With Total People Rather Than Individuals.

If only people in certain tags are eligible to check into the event, Breeze will force newly added people to be assigned to one of the eligible tags so that they will show up on the list in the future.
If your event is set to "Form Respondents," you will see newly added people in the "Attenders" tab of your event, but not showing as eligible for the event still since they did not fill out a form. To remove check-in data for these newly added people, you'll need to change the eligibility to "Everyone" to uncheck their boxes.
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  • What is the best way to add visitors and be able to track those #’s, as well as send out visitor specific text & emails?

  • Hey @kathyschellhardt, 

    That's a great question!  After adding visitors and counting anonymous attendees as outlined in this article, you can run attendance reports that will enable you to contact all the attendees to your event.  

    • Select the "Events" tab from the top right.
    • Click the event for which you'd like to see details.
    • Click "View Details."
    • On the left, select "Attenders."
    • Click "Email" or "Text" on the right-hand side.

    This will send messages to everyone you checked in to the event and added into your system.  

    Click the following link for more information: 
    Creating Attendance Reports

    Keep up the great work!

  • Currently, we are trying to add new visitors, but the weird part is even though the check in is restricted to specific tags, they are being inputted into the check-in process. How do I work around this?

  • Hey @j6shin!

    Great question! If only people in certain tags are eligible to check into the event, Breeze will force newly added people to be assigned to one of the eligible tags so that they will show up on the list in the future. The only workaround is to create a visitor tag so that these visitors can be checked in but then you can separate them from the other classes by putting them in a visitor tag. 

    Hope this is most helpful! 


  • I have created users & set the things the users are allowed to access via roles. When a user is checking in someone who is in the Breeze database but not tagged to the specific event the box is not popping up so that they can select that person, so they end up creating a duplicate profile. Do I need to change something in the role settings? Thank you for your help!

  • @laylavaughn426

    Thanks for reaching out to the breeze form. Due to the complex nature of this topic, and there could be several things keeping you from achieving the functionality you desire. Usually, you would simply want to add the person to the tag that was eligible for the event. This would make sure they appeared in the check-in list! 
    There is a permission that helps prevent this from happening:

    You certainly want to be careful not to add someone via the Check in screen that is already in the database. This would Duplicate their profile and you would have to go back and merge them.


    Prayerfully, this is helpful for you! 

  • Currently, (with our old ChMs) anyone who checks in as a visitor (at the check-in kiosk) is put in a group (that only I see) called New Account. Then I move them to another group to keep track. (ex guest or attender account.) 

    We are transitioning to Breeze in the next few weeks and I was wondering how this would work? At check-in a visitor comes to the kiosk to sign-in their kids. Are the able to do so? Will they go into a place that I will see on my end to keep track of them? What do I need to do to set this up before we start using Breeze at our check in?


  • @Sharon

    Great question! The answer is YES, you are able to check in and Tag new Visitors or Kids that come into your church. There is a plus sign at the Top right of the Check In screen that allows for this. You can even set the parameters for the type of information that you'd like to get for the new person when you check them in because this will also create a profile in the database for them. In your Event Settings, make sure and check Specify add person fields. This is how you assign the specific fields that you want. 


  • After adding a new child I am unable to print.  I am adding the child first as suggested followed by additional family members.  The tag being added is one that is listed in the print field.  Any suggestions?

  • Hey gretchen,

    So sorry that Adding People at Check In has been giving you some trouble lately. One suggestion I have is to make sure that the box "Add Without Checking In" is NOT checked. 

    If this still doesn't do the trick, I would suggest emailing our Support Team at They'll be able to walk dig into this a little deeper and troubleshoot alongside you.

    Hope this helps!

  • Every single person who we add to the program must be either a member or missionary.  That's crazy.  A person cannot become a member until they go through the membership program.  This should be true of all churches, but this Breeze program forces me to make every person a member or a missionary.  There is no way to "unclick" then once they are accidentally made a member.  Do I need to delete everyone and put them in again?

  • Hey @elaine!

    Thanks for asking this great question. I'm sorry that adding people in Breeze has caused such a headache! That certainly isn't what we intend. It sounds like you may need to add some additional options in your profile fields. 

    I'm going to reach out with an email so we can discuss this in a little more detail. Be on the lookout for an email from me soon! 


  • Is there a way to  make a generic check in link that auto-populates the event date, based on the date of check in(rather than have to go to each specific event day link)? I'm trying to print something with a permanent link, rather than having to update it and print every week.

  • Hi @emcginley,

    Unfortunately, there is not. I apologize if that makes life a little more complicated in Breeze. I can see how a permanent link would save you a lot of time (and paper!) printing. 

    We're always open to new ideas though. Feel free to leave us a feature request if you'd like. This is the best way for our product team to see the current needs of churches and how we can better serve them in the future.