Volunteer Management - Getting Started

Get started with volunteer management using Breeze ChMS with this comprehensive guide. Explore step-by-step instructions and best practices to effectively organize, recruit, and engage volunteers in your church community. Whether you're coordinating events, managing schedules, or tracking volunteer hours, this article provides valuable insights to streamline your volunteer management process. Empower your team and strengthen your church community with Breeze ChMS. Dive in now to optimize your volunteer management efforts.


Getting Started

How to Access Volunteer Management

  1. Navigate to Events
  2. Select an Event on your calendar and click "Volunteers."
  3. Once there, follow the prompts given to get you started. 

Setting up Volunteer Management

You'll start by creating Roles, Teams, Leaders, and Quantity of volunteer spots needed.

Roles define the volunteer job(s) needing to be filled. These can be as broad as "Band" or as specific as "Guitar, Drums, Vocals, etc." 

Teams allow you to organize your roles (volunteer jobs) into different groups making it visually easier to schedule and monitor your volunteer needs for any given event. Note: When creating a Team, you must also create a role before saving. All teams must have at least one role.

Here's an example of the Team to Role correlation. 

Band: Drums, Vocals, Guitar
Hospitality: Set-up, Service, Clean-up 
Ushers: Head Usher, Section Usher, Back-up Usher

A leader is assigned on the role level and indicates who volunteer notifications will be sent from (via email or text) as well as to whom responses are routed to (email only). 

In order to show as an option for "leader" the users role permissions in users and roles must have Volunteer Management selected under events.

Quantity Needed reflects how many volunteers you would like in this specific role. You will have the option to adjust numbers from week to week once you get the initial set-up established. 

Now that you've established the Teams, Roles, and Quantity of volunteers needed, it's time to Assign or Invite your volunteers. Use Assign mode if you'd like to schedule your volunteers to specific roles/dates. Opt for the Invite mode if you'd like your volunteers to schedule into the role/date of their choice. 



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