Modify Role in Volunteer Management

There may be times that you need to add a "team", "role", update the "Leader" or simply adjust the quantity needed for a role in Volunteers (NEW) . Here is how you do this: 

Modify Role from Assign Mode

  1. Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of "Send Schedules to Volunteers"
  2. Select "Modify Roles"
  3. Make Necessary Changes hit "Save"mceclip4.png

Modify Role from Invite Mode

  1. Click on the drop-down arrow beside "Manage Sign Up Sheets" 
  2. Select "Modify Roles"
  3. Make Necessary Changes hit "Save"


Additional Information

Need to adjust the quantity of volunteers needed for a specific event in a recurring series? 

Navigate to that event day, find the role you need to adjust and click the number to the right of the role name. This will allow you to change the quantity of volunteers needed for a specific day.  



Want to reorder your "Teams" or "Roles" so that they show in a different order on your volunteer management, sign up sheets and on your .PDF schedules? You can do this too under Modify Roles by dragging and dropping them where you would like them to be!


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  • The last comment in this article is that I can reorder how teams and roles show up; supposedly under "modify roles", but the article doesn't explain how, and I don't see how to do that. Can you offer more explanation please? I want to now add teams to an existing volunteer schedule, and re-organize the roles under teams. 

  • @dianaz

    You can easily drag and move your roles around from within the "Modify Roles" window. Hope this helps!



  • How do I add a leaders name to the leader role to receive the email if they are not on the list?

  • @office This is a great question! A leader is assigned on the role level and indicates who volunteer notifications will be sent from (via email or text) as well as to whom responses are routed to (email only). 

    In order to show as an option for "leader" the individual must have a user in Breeze, and the role permissions for the Role they are assigned (in users and roles) must have Volunteer Management selected under events. If the leader does not yet have a user for Breeze, you would need to create a new user for them.