Volunteer Management Declined RSVP


When a Volunteer has been assigned to a Volunteer Role using the Volunteers (NEW), if you include an RSVP option on either the reminder or send schedule, the volunteer will have the option to Accept or Decline the position they have been assigned to.




If they Decline:

The designated Leader of this Role will receive an email alerting them that a volunteer has declined. And they will be given the option to click the name of a suggested volunteer to ask to replace this volunteer: 


If you choose to assign and notify an alternate volunteer for this role, they will get an email that states, "A volunteer vacancy has come up for the following role. Would you be able to fill this need?"

They can click "RSVP to Request" to either accept or decline this volunteer position. 



In the actual event, Under Volunteers (NEW), we record those who have declined volunteering, so you have a record of the fact that they were scheduled but declined. You can also see any notes they made when they RSVP'd. 


If there is no "Leader" for the Role:

If there is no "Leader" for the Role, you will only see the Decline in the event and will need to assign a new volunteer from the event itself. mceclip7.png

Keep in mind if your reminders have already been sent out, you will probably want to send a schedule to this specific volunteer to let them know they have been scheduled:



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  • Once a volunteer has accepted an invitation, they are unable to view that invitation and change it to a DECLINE response without going back to the original email and responding again. When they try to go through their profile to their volunteer schedule, clicking the event it gives them this message: "PERMISSION DENIED: SORRY YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO ACCESS THIS SECTION. PLEASE CONTACT THE ADMINISTRATOR WITHIN YOUR ORGANIZATION AND REQUEST THE "EVENTS_VOLUNTEERS PERMISSION". I have tried to find said "events_volunteers permission" and have thus far been unsuccessful. Please help!  : )

  • @info

    Thank you for reaching out to the forum! It appears that the experience as described is expected behavior. The original email invitation is the only place they would be able to go back and make additional edits to a request. Additionally, they would not be able to navigate into the volunteer management area of breeze unless they have the proper permission. This however, should be a permission reserved for those who are in leadership as they would be able to edit volunteer schedules with this permission. If you're trying to give them access to their schedule, there is functionality to email these schedules to all of their schedules within Volunteers 2.0! See here: Scheduling Volunteers



  • Is there a way to set up an automated email to all other volunteers on that ministry team or tag if someone declines RSVP, rather than the Ministry Leader having to do it one by one?

  • @nurseaubrey

    There's currently no functionality within breeze to generate an automated reply email for Volunteers after a declined RSVP has been submitted. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. 


  • Is there a way to let the leader know if the volunteer scheduled has not RSVP'd yet? We have no problem with declining or accepting RSVPs, but we have volunteers who do not reply and we need to notify the leader to get a hold of them.

  • @johnhau

    Great question! Currently, there's no notifications for those who haven't RSVP'd however, you can have notifications automatically Re-sent out to those who have yet to confirm/decline!

    I hope this information is helpful for you.


  • It would be very helpful as we, and I'm sure others, have volunteers who oversee other volunteers.