How can a Volunteer Change their RSVP


At times a person will RSVP to an event, and then realize they are unable to serve due to unforeseen circumstances.

They are able to easily change their volunteer RSVP by clicking on "RSVP to Requests" in the original email they received: 

Once they click the RSVP to Requests you will get a notification saying "This RSVP request has already been responded to" with a box that says "Change Responses". 


Click on the box, edit your response(s) and the church will be notified.   

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  • This procedure apparently doesn't allow a volunteer to add dates without withdrawing from the original dates. I have my settings allowing volunteers to sign up for multiple dates and multiple roles, but they still can't add dates without cancelling the original dates they scheduled. Is it possible to correct this function?

  • Hey @leslieawagner, 

    Thanks for reaching out with this great question about volunteers not having the ability to add dates when changing their RSVP status. The functionality of this procedure is to update the current RSVP's, yet not to add new dates. A great work around is to send a "Sign UP Sheet" with available dates. I will reach out via email so that I can better see what you are experiencing.