How can a Volunteer Change their RSVP


Discover how volunteers can easily update their RSVP status with this helpful guide from Breeze ChMS. Explore step-by-step instructions for volunteers to modify their RSVPs for events or activities. Whether they need to confirm attendance or cancel their participation, this article provides clear guidance to streamline the process. Empower your volunteers to manage their RSVPs efficiently and ensure accurate event planning with Breeze ChMS. Explore now to enhance volunteer engagement and coordination.


Volunteers are able to easily change their volunteer RSVP by clicking on "RSVP to Requests" in the original email they received: 

Once they click the RSVP to Requests you will get a notification saying "This RSVP request has already been responded to" with a box that says "Change Responses". 


Click on the box, edit your response(s) and the church will be notified.