Volunteer Management - Invite Mode

Volunteers Invite Mode allows you to invite individuals to volunteer for roles at your event(s) based on the dates and roles that you send out to them. This article assumes that you've already started the set up of your volunteers - if you have not yet done the set up, please view this article first

Creating Sign Up Sheets

After you've created your initial roles for your event, we'll create Sign Up Sheets.

Click the blue button, "Manage Sign Up Sheets" in the top right corner.


If you don't have any sign up sheets already created, or if you want to make a new sign up sheet, click "Create a New Sign Up Sheet"

Choose which roles/teams and dates you would like to for this particular sign up sheets.  You can make as many sign up sheets as you'd like, so if you only want one role to go out to a group of people, only choose that role, and then we'll repeat these steps for your other role(s).

You can choose dates up to 32 future events for your users to volunteer for. 


Then create a name and message for your sign up sheet.  The name of your sign up sheet will also be the subject line of your email message that will go out to your volunteers.


Choose from the additional options: 

  • Allow users to view names of people who have already signed up
  • Allow users to sign up for more than one role for a single event
  • Allow users to sign up for roles that are already filled
  • Also send this invite as a text message



After you've got the invite looking exactly how you'd like, click "Create". Now you can send the signup sheet to your potential volunteers through invitation! 

Inviting Volunteers

After you've created your sign up sheet(s) you can invite volunteers to sign up.

From the blue "Manage Sign Up Sheets" button, click the "Invite Volunteers" button on your sign up sheet.

You'll be able to select "recent volunteers" (anyone who has volunteered over the past 6 months in one of these roles)


Or search for a specific person:


Or look for a specific tag to invite: 


Click individual names from the list that appears or choose "select all" in the lower left corner to invite everyone in the results field.

Choose "Invite to Sign Up Sheet" and they'll receive the email that you crafted in your sign up sheet inviting them to volunteer for specific roles/dates.

Note: You are unable to change the email that the sign up sheet comes from. If you would like to Resend your Sign Up sheet to your invited group OR specific people from that Group, Select Manage Sign Up Sheets > select "View Invited Volunteers" (In the drop down menu) for the desired Sign up Sheet > Resend Sign Up Sheet.

If you have a volunteer that has already signed up for specific dates, but they realize that they need to change a date, they will need to notify you to have that changed. You can go into the schedule and delete them from the date that they cannot serve. If they would like an invitation resent to them, here are the steps to take:

1. Go to Grid View
2. Choose the Gear Icon
3. Choose Manage Sign Up Sheets
4. Choose the dropdown beside "Invite Volunteers"
5. Choose the "x" beside "Responded" next to the specific volunteers name.
6. Then, add them back in as a volunteer to be invited and send the invitation.

Note:  You can now reuse or edit the schedule by clicking on the original sign up email.

Below is an example of the email your users will receive inviting them to volunteer for the roles and dates you've included in your sign up sheet.