Volunteer Management Reminders

Never miss a beat with volunteer management reminders in Breeze ChMS. Explore this guide to set up and manage reminders effectively, ensuring timely communication and engagement with your volunteers. Whether you're sending reminders for upcoming events, volunteer shifts, or training sessions, this article provides step-by-step instructions to streamline the process. Empower your team and strengthen volunteer coordination with Breeze ChMS. Discover now to optimize your volunteer management efforts.


Volunteers allows for the ability to send 3 reminders to volunteers up to 21 days in advance. This allows for you to remind your volunteers of their schedules in an easy, automated way! 

How to Set Reminders

  1. Navigate to Events and select the event on your calendar
  2. Select Volunteers
  3. Click "Volunteers will receive 1 reminder" under one of the roles in your event 


You can then choose how many reminders you would like this Role to receive by toggling them on and off, and you can customize the details and dates of each reminder. 


How to Customize Reminders

When you click the mceclip0.png button you are able to edit the message the volunteers will receive:


Timing: Choose when this reminder should be sent, from 1 to 21 days before the event
Subject: Edit the Subject line of the reminder. 
Message: Customize what you would like the body of the message to say, use the mailmerge options to bring information about the volunteer and the event into the message.

Choose if you would like volunteers to be able to RSVP to this Reminder.

Choose if you would like this reminder to also be sent by text message. 

Choose if you would like to Only send to volunteers who have not RSVPed 

In the bottom left-hand corner, you will see that the reminder will automatically be sent from the role's leader between 12 pm and 2 pm. Note that the Leader is also the one to receive reply's and RSVPs if you have selected to include RSVPs.  If a leader has been selected when establishing Roles the leader will show directly below the Role: 


If no leader has been selected for a role, reminders will send from a noreply@breezechms.com and will not show in your email history in Breeze. 

If you would like to select a leader or adjust a leader you can do so by selecting the arrow next to Send Schedules to Volunteers and choosing to "Modify Roles". This will allow you to select a leader for each Role. 

How to Save Reminders

Once you have the reminder set as you would like it to appear, hit Done. When you have finished setting up reminders as you would like them click the green "Save for" button in the bottom right-hand corner. 


You can then choose to save the reminders for This Event Only, Save as Default for the entire Series, or Save for Multiple Roles. 

Save for this Event: This will save these reminders for this specific role, in this specific event (the calendar day you are working with). This is great if you have a very specific message you need to communicate with volunteers in a specific day. 
Save as Default for Series: This will allow you to save this reminder set up for this specific role for all future events in the series. 
Save for Multiple Roles:

This makes it easy to use this reminder configuration across multiple roles and teams. You can select what specific teams and roles should receive this reminder configuration. If you select the "Save as Default for Series" checkbox option before hitting Save for Selected Roles, it will save this reminder set up for the roles selected, in all future events in this series. 



Additional Information

  • Text messages sent from Volunteer Management Reminders will count towards the text limit.
  • Recipients will still receive text messages from Volunteer Management even with having "Do Not Text" enabled on their profile.
  • All event reminders now include a link to set blockout dates at the bottom of them. This allows volunteers to set their block out dates and mark themselves unavailable for future dates. 


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