Resend Invitation in Volunteer Management

When a volunteer needs to adjust his/her signups, the best solution is to go back to the original email they received from you.  However, if they can't locate the original email, you will either have to manually adjust the schedule or resend the link.  

Resend an invitation

  1. From the Dashboard, Navigate to Events and select your event.
  2. Click "View Details", Select Volunteer (NEW)
  3. From the "invite mode" of Volunteer Management (NEW), Click "Manage Signup Sheets" (Top Right)
  4. Click the dropdown next to the "Invite Volunteers" button
  5. Select "View Invited Volunteers'
  6. Click the "resend" link next to the volunteer you'd like to reinvite.
  7. Then close the window.
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  • It seems that once someone has responded once to a sign up, you can't "reinvite."  When we extended our schedule and added new dates, we seem to have no way to "reinvite" those who had signed up for earlier dates.  Suggestions?

  • @pastorpaigebr

    You can't resend the invite at that point, however, they can still click the same link and choose more dates OR change their current selections! 

    This would be the best practice moving forward with the current functionality. 

  • We started using the signup sheet and are running into the same problem. We do month-long sign up sheets so the original email gets lost three weeks into the signup sheet. Is there any talk on updating this functionality to be able to reinvite those who have already responded? 

    Other than this, I am loving it so far! 

    Thank you!

  • @joey

    This is certainly something that's been brought up to our development team. If you would like to echo the sentiments of others who have the same problems, please feel free to submit it as a feature request. Submitting Feature Requests


    Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to assist!