Resend Invitation in Volunteer Management

When a volunteer needs to adjust their current signups, the best solution is to go back to the original email they received from you.  However, if they can't locate the original email you have two options:

  • Resend the invitation link so they can manage their own schedule
  • Manually adjust the schedule based upon the volunteer preference(s) 


Resend an invitation

  1. From the Dashboard, Navigate to Events and select your event.
  2. "Select Volunteers."
  3. From the "Invite Mode" of Volunteer Management, Click "Manage Signup Sheets" (Top Right).
  4. Click the dropdown next to the "Invite Volunteers" button.
  5. Select "View Invited Volunteers."
  6. Click the "Resend" link next to the volunteer you'd like to re-invite.
  7. Then close the window.
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