Using Multiple Calendars

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    I was looking for help on a posted "Common Use" of 

    • Creating calendars dedicated to sensitive information (such as care team schedules) and restrict others from viewing the calendar.

    I didn't find it.

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    Hey there - if you create a calendar that you don't want others to see you can remove permissions from the "users and roles" section, found here: Editing a Role.  You'll want to remove permission under Events > Only Access Certain Calendars > Restrict Access from > and then select your private calendars. 

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    I want to make a "Care" calendar for staff use.  Is there a way to add notifications/reminders for events?  For example, if I put in the calendar to call Joe before surgery at 2pm on Tuesday, is there a way to have a reminder be sent out shortly before that to a certain staff member?

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    Hey there - great question!

    The best way to handle this would be to add the staff member as a volunteer on that event. You can then choose to have a reminder sent to them a certain number of days before the event. Those reminders can be sent by email, by text, or both. 

    Here's some more information on scheduling volunteers for events

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