Scheduling Recurring Events

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    how do you change just one event, not the whole series? i did not see any option, as in other programs we have used before breeze.

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    This option used to be there. I just noticed its gone or not working as well.


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    I'd love to see a feature when creating recurring events that included a custom setting, for example instead of creating 3 different weekly events, it would be nice to just select Weekly with the recurrance on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  

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    I also really need a way to change a single occurrence of  a recurring event. When a recurring meeting gets rescheduled due to conflicts, we need to change just one event without blowing up a few years worth of scheduled meetings. This becomes even more important with the Breeze calendar posted on our church Website

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    Hey all - apologies for the delayed response - we had a bug that was preventing us from seeing comments on certain articles! 

    If you "edit event settings" for one event in a series it will just affect that single event, not each one.  You would have to click the "schedule change" to the whole series. 

    So if you need to change the time/date for just one event, clicking "edit event settings" then making the changes directly from that page and clicking 'save' will affect just that one event! 

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