Using A Barcode Scanner To Check In

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    This is a great feature! Is it possible to use a cell phone app to scan and enter barcodes? Also, does/will Breeze have the ability to generate and print it's own barcodes?

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    Alma Garcia

    Question above wasn’t answered.

    How do we get the barcode ?

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    Hi!  The barcode would need to be scanned with Breeze open so I don't think a cell phone app would work unless Breeze and the app were somehow opened at the same time.  

    Barcodes can be acquired in a variety of ways.  At this time Breeze does not have any capabilities of generating and printing barcodes for you - just housing the barcodes that you've scanned in and attaching them to profiles. 

    They can be any kind of barcode - so if someone has a grocery store card or a keychain with a barcode they can use that.  You can also purchase barcodes from places like by using a search word like "barcode label". 

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    Will QR Codes be an option for scanning in the future?  It would be my hope for each person or family to have a unique QR Code in their Breeze app of which they would have scanned by a Breeze QR Code Scanner (built into the app) to check in. This would do away with third party barcodes and barcode scanners.

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    Emily W.

    Hey @a4nee!

    Thanks for the feedback! Great question about QR codes! While this particular request may not be on the Development Roadmap at this time it is most certainly appreciated. It really help us know where the churches we serve are at, and what could help them in their ministries even more than Breeze already does.

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