Supported Barcode Scanners

Discover supported barcode scanners for Breeze ChMS with this comprehensive guide. Explore a list of compatible barcode scanners and ensure seamless integration with your check-in process. Whether you're considering purchasing a new scanner or troubleshooting compatibility issues, this article provides valuable insights to streamline your barcode scanning experience. Explore now to find the perfect barcode scanner for your church's check-in needs and enhance efficiency with Breeze ChMS.


Purchasing Your Barcode Scanner

Breeze has a few recommended barcode scanners that we will support through our help center, however, any barcode scanner that will link to your computer or device will work. 

Breeze Recommended Scanners: 

Wired Scanner

Honeywell 1400G Voyager Linear/Area-Imaging Scanner with USB Host Interface

Purchase The Scanner Here

  • This scanner is slightly more expensive, however it is quick and very reliable. 

Bluetooth/Wired Scanner*

2 in 1 1D Laser USB 2.0 wired + Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Purchase The Scanner Here

Purchase The Holder Here

  • This one involves a bit more setup but the big difference is it is wireless bluetooth. It can also be wired.
  • This one is ideal for using on a mobile device. 

The reason a church might want the first scanner, even though it’s more expensive and not wireless, is that it’s higher quality and can better detect barcodes. If you know you'll only be using it wired and can afford it, Breeze recommends the first one.


*Works with iPad connected via Bluetooth. 

Setting Up Your Barcode Scanner

Changing factory settings on your new barcode scanner to optimize check-in efficiency can be tricky. That's why we've created consolidated direction for each of the support scanners. 

Honeywell 1400G Barcode Scanner | Change it to add a carriage return to the end of the scan. This allows you to scan and have the individual checked in with one action. 

TEEMI TMCT-10 Pro Barcode Scanner | Change it to be in continuous scan mode. To have the scanner automatically scan barcodes when they are put in front of the scanner (without pressing the trigger button), scan the following 3 barcodes in order from left to right. Note that the barcode laser will only light up when an object is placed in front of the scanner.

If desired, here is a link to the complete Honeywell User's Guide and the complete CT10 User Manual
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