Distinguishing Between Multiple AirPrint Printers (Brother) at Check In

If your church has a multi-Brother printer set up, it can be very confusing when initially selecting what printer you need to print to in Check In. Most likely, all of the Brother printers will appear as "Brother QL-820NWB" or "Brother QL-810W"1.

Sometimes the printer may have a string of letters/numbers following it as well.

Step One: Add Printer to Computer

To edit the printer name and how it appears in the AirPrint menu, you will need to connect your printers to a computer (MAC) via the System Preferences > "Printers and Scanners" option.


You can then click the "add" button, as shown below. Once you follow the prompts and the printer has been added, it will appear in the list of Printers on the left hand side. 


You should then click on "Options & Supplies" which will bring up a pop-up, where you will need to click "Show Printer Webpage":


From there, you'll be taken to the Brother Printer Configuration page, where you'll be able to assign a static IP address to the printer and change the name. It is essential to do both steps, otherwise, the names will update across the board for all the printers.


Step Two: Change IP Address

First, you will need to change each Printer's IP Address. To do this, go to "Wireless" in the top menu (the 820NWB has an additional option called "Wired" that the 810W does not have). Once on that page, you can change the IP as shown below:


Once the IP address has been changed (ie. -> click "Submit" to save the changes.

Step Three: Change Printer Name

Once you've changed the IP address for the printer, you will want to change the Printer Name. To do this, click "Network" in the top menu, and then click "Protocol" in the left menu, as shown below:


Then, click "Advanced Setting" across from the "AirPrint" checkbox:


Once that page is open, you'll see the option to rename the printer. Make sure to click "Submit" at the bottom of the page to save your changes!


When the printer is restarted, and you go to print your Check In Name Tags, you will now see the new names for each printer. This should help clear up any confusion and your Check In can be run smoothly!


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  • After I click "Show printer webpage" it takes me to the page you show, but rather than a place where I can change the names it just says "login failure". I have tried logging in with the account I setup to register the printers for the warranty but no luck. Any recommendations?

  • Hey @jordan,

    It's hard for us at Breeze to know exactly what could be happening here since this is the Brother program. Your best bet would be to reach out to Brother support to ensure that everything it set up correctly. 

    Please let me know if you have any issue getting your printers to connect with Breeze's Check in app, as I'd love to assist you in troubleshooting if needed. :)

  • Re: jordan - we had the same issue and discovered on the bottom of the printer there is a password, and that is what you use to login on the webpage.

    Breeze - We have three printers, and with the first one we changed the IP address to the one you have listed on this article and it completely wiped our printer, like we can't even get back into the login anymore or speak to our check-in system anymore. Not sure what happened, but we followed the suggested steps exactly. Please advise. 

  • Thanks for getting in touch with us, @shannon!

    Sorry you are experiencing these issues. The IP address listed in the article above is an example of what an IP address might look like for your church's wireless internet. IP addresses are unique to each location and device. To discover your own personal IP address, you can use this free site: https://whatismyipaddress.com/ 

    If you are having trouble getting back into your check-in system, we would love to help you troubleshoot that issue! Feel free to call in or email us and we will help you get back on your feet:

    https://support.breezechms.com/hc/en-us/articles/360003738354 (Breeze contact info)