Reserving Rooms

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    Is there any way to have location come up without having to choose "Show More Options"?  Whenever someone puts something onto our calendar, I would like them to select their location so that we don't have rooms double booked.  In fact, it would be great if they could receive a message if they tried to add something without a location.


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    Hey Marlene,

    I assume you're referring to when you're initially adding the event or editing the event, not when trying to view the event after the location has been added, correct? 

    If so, unfortunately the way the module is set up is hard-coded and can't be altered. But, if they do try to enter a location for a room that is already booked they'll get a warning saying that the room is already in use for that time.

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    Here's another vote for including Location on the Add Events screen.  Or maybe a configuration setting to always open that screen with the "Show More Options" clicked.  I understand that this would require a code change, but we would like to see it in a future update.  


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