Tracking and Turning Visitors into Members

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    Is it possible to make some of the profile fields mandatory at check-in?

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    Emily W.

    Hi @tim, 

    While you can have them display ad show up at check-in, at this time, there is not a way to make them mandatory.

    While I know this isn't ideal, I would love to have you check out this page


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    How do you future date a follow up?  We're building a new system to connect with visitors and would like to have a follow up system that triggers at:

    - 1st time attender contact within 2 days...follow up 1 week later...follow up 2 weeks later...follow up 2 months later. 

    Is there a way to use the automated tasks function that include dates the task will be triggered and not just put due dates of 7, 14, and 60 days?

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    Emily W.

    Hey @richardreams!

    Thanks so much for reaching out! What a great system y'all have in place! That's awesome! 

    Great question! While you can can set up follow-ups for an individual to a certain date, you cannot unfortunately do that in the automated tasks section of followups. While this may not be ideal, please know that this on our radar. You have brought up some great points about how followups could be utilized in the future!

    Would you consider adding this to our request page?

    For more information about submitting a feature request, please check out



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