Purchasing and Setting Up Your Check in Computer and Printer

We have options to print check in name tags from Mac/Windows Computers, from Apple iOS devices such as iPads or iPhones or Androids . You can set also up any combination of printers and devices by setting up print stations.

Supported Printers by Checkin Device

Please note that the Brother Printer will only print from Apple Products.*Printer must be connected to a Laptop/Desktop (Mac/Windows) and Shared via Breeze Print Station (see below) with any mobile device(s) or other computers.Note:  It is not best practice to have both a DYMO 450 AND a DYMO wireless on the same computer or else it seems both printers print out labels at the same time.
DYMO Label 450 (Wired)

Brother Printer (Wireless)
Breeze supports only the
QL-820NWB printer.

 DYMO Label 450 (Wired)*
DYMO Label 450 Turbo (Wired)    DYMO Label 450 Turbo (Wired)*
DYMO Label Wireless (Wireless)    DYMO LabelWriter (Wireless)*
Click Here to Learn About the DYMO Printer (Mac/Windows Only)

Image result for DYMO printer

Printers: DYMO LabelWriter 450 (Purchase on Amazon), DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo (Purchase on Amazon), or DYMO LabelWriter Wireless Printer (Purchase on Amazon)

Labels: Our printers have been designed to work with DYMO LabelWriter Shipping Labels, White, 2-5/16" x 4" (Purchase on Amazon). You can use any compatible off-brand label, however please note that using a non-DYMO label may void the warranty on your printer.

Cleaning Cards: DYMO's cleaning cards safely and effectively remove contamination from printheads. It Improves print quality and extends the life of any Dymo LabelWriter. (Purchase on Amazon)

Setting Up Your Printer

Click here to Learn About the Brother AirPrint Printer (iOS Devices Only)

Brother QL-820NWB Professional, Ultra Flexible Label Printer with Multiple Connectivity options

Printer: Brother QL-820NWB Professional, Ultra Flexible Label Printer (Purchase on Amazon)

Labels: Breeze supports the following labels for the Brother Ql-820NWB: DK-2205 Continuous Paper Label Roll, 2.4” x 100 Feet (Purchase on Amazon)

Check In App: Breeze has designed a separate app to use for check in. You can download the Breeze Check In App on iOS devices that are running, iOS 12.1 or later here. Learn how to use the app here.



Printer Set Up

Our DYMO printer is our most common option as it allows for churches to use a single computer, multiple computers, or a combination of computers and tablets.

How Many Printers Can I Connect to my Computer?

  • Wired Printers - We suggest that you connect 1 wired printer per computer. (We have heard success of up to 3 wired printers on the same computer.)
  • Wireless Printers - With wireless, it can be as many as you want, provided you have print stations open for each. 
DYMO Printer Setup 
  1. Install DYMO Label Software version 8.7.4 (Windows), 8.7.4 (Mac)
    (NOTE: Breeze is not compatible with DYMO's "Connect for Desktop" software offered on their website, use the link below for the LabelWriter Software)
    Click here for Windows DYMO LabelWriter Software
    Click here for Mac DYMO LabelWriter Software
  2. Connect the printer. Ensure the printer prints successfully from the software.
  3. With the printer connected, open Breeze in a browser.
  4. Create a new event and select the checkbox relating to printing name tags (see Event Settings for more details).
  5. Open the check in page for the event and check a person in. The first time you load the Check In page the browser will ask for permission to access the DYMO Label Framework. Grant it permission (you won't need to do this again).
  6. The printer should print the name tag automatically when you check the person in.
We recommend using our printer connection tester to ensure that your printer is set up correctly.
1 Note that previous versions may not work on all browsers, specifically Chrome and Edge.
2 Computers running Windows XP will not be able to install a compatible version of DYMO Label Software.
3When installing a DYMO Wireless printer, you must be connected to a Wi-Fi Network. A wired Internet connection won't work. 

If you would like to exclusively use iPads or iPhones to check in, we have an option for that! All you'll need is an AirPrint Printer and our Breeze Check In App.

Using a Brother Printer with the Breeze Check In App

Setting Up Your Brother Printer

Before you begin, you'll need to set up your Brother Printer. Follow the directions found on this article to learn how to do that: Setting up the Brother QL-820NWB Printer

How To Use The Check In App:

You can download the Breeze Check In App on iOS devices here.

The first time you use the Breeze Check In App you'll be prompted to enter your subdomain.

Your subdomain is part of the URL that you use to log in. For instance, if you log in at cornerstone.breezechms.com, your subdomain is cornerstone. If you don't know your subdomain, please contact your church.

After entering in your correct subdomain, you'll be prompted to enter in your login information.

This will now bring you to an Events calendar within your Breeze account! From here, you're able to view the current events or select a different date from the calendar. After selecting the desired date, you are presented with all the events for that day.

Select the event for which you'd like to track attendance and you'll be brought into the Check In screen. From here, you can select the Gear Icon to change the Mode, Add Headcount, Add Filters, etc.

From this page, you are now free to begin checking people in! After selecting to check someone in, a popup will appear asking which Brother Printer you would like to use. This popup will only appear once per check-in session.

From this popup you will select your desired, AirPrint-supported printer and your name tags will immediately begin printing!


If you would like to have multiple computers, or a computer and tablet/mobile devices set up to a DYMO printer, we have options for that with our Print Station Feature.

Using Your DYMO Printer to Print From Mobile Devices (Print Stations)

Breeze allows you to print to a computer-connected printer from any device that has a web browser. This includes iPhones, iPads, Android tablets, Android phones, Kindles, Nooks, laptops, desktops, and more.

Note: Before following the directions found here, you'll have to set up your DYMO Printer.  Please see the section above on DYMO Printer Set Up before going forward.


  1. On the computer directly connected to the DYMO printer, navigate to the "Events" page and then click the gear icon next to "Add Event" at the top of the page and choose "Print Station" from the dropdown menu1
  2. On your mobile device, load the check in page for the event.2
  3. When the check in page loads, you should be automatically presented with a list containing any available Print Stations to print to.3

Note: While this method is compatible with the Breeze Check In App, keep in mind that the Check In App is only compatible with iOS devices. Use the Breeze app or an internet browser with this method if you have a non-iOS device.

1 You can run multiple print stations at the same time by opening multiple web pages of the print station page on the host computer.
2 Ensure the event's settings are set to print out a name tag.
3 If the list does not automatically appear, click the gear icon on the top of the check in page and select "Printers".
4 DYMO Wireless Printer also has to use the print station.
5 Print station tabs must remain open in your internet browser for as long as you wish to print.
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  • Great information of the article.I purchased Computer and printer. It is very helpful in this post.One day be able to connect to a iphone & ipad via lightening to USB and print directly from there. Keeping the same printer with same check-in station every time will eliminate this. The printer and computer is high quality of the products. It is very necessary. The printer is different different companies and different different features in this. The printer is very helpful. It is very informative and store data and collected data are records in computer. I will share in this post. 

    Thank you.

  • Can I use a chromebook as a mobile device with the dymo printer plugged into a computer laptop for check in?

  • Hey @boehmerclan7,

    Due to the Chromebook being unable to handle the DYMO drivers needed to print with Breeze, at this time we are unable to use Breeze check-in and print to DYMO on a Chromebook. 


  • We have the DYMO 450 Twin Turbo printer. Can we use that?

  • Hey @Office,
    Unfortunately, the Dymo 450 Twin Turbo is not a supported printer at this time. Only the 450, 450 Turbo, and Wireless models are supported. Some churches do try to use the Twin Turbo with sporadic success but we're not able to provide support since the firmware doesn't work well with Breeze. I hope that's helpful!

  • If using iPads and a Brother wireless printer, can you run KIOSK mode from the app to allow for self check in? Or do you have to use one of the other modes? 

  • @elderskelley

    You can use Kiosk mode in the Breeze Check In app for self check in when using an iPad and a Brother printer. List mode, Search mode and Kiosk mode are all able to used when using the Breeze Check In app and a Brother printer that supports AirPrint like the Brother QL-820NWB. 

  • Is there any way to modify the  look of the self check in kiosk mode. We would like to add a logo in the blue space. 

  • Hey @scottp!

    Great question! That's a neat idea, however, that is not a current feature within Breeze.

    If you need any additional support with check in please let us know. We are here and happy to serve.


  • Brother printer is set up and confirmed to be connected to the WiFi as an AirPrint. When I try to print a test page from the Breeze app it says “Browser Compatibility: Sorry your mobile browser is not compatible.” My browser is Safari, which is listed as compatible. Please help.

  • Hey @Halespamela, 

    Sorry for the problem with printing to the Brother printer. Which app are you using? The Breeze App or the Breeze Check In App? The regular Breeze App will not work with the Brother Printer. In the App Store search for Breeze Check In and you should see this: Breeze Check In App. If this doesn't solve it, reach out to support and we will troubleshoot it for you; email support.



  • Does the Brother air print printer work with computers as well(mac) or only mobile devices? 

  • Hi, @keithdhoo!
    Great question! The AirPrint technology used by Apple (and Brother labelers) only works for iOS mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. Thanks for asking!

  • Hi Breeze team,

    I have two separate laptops and printers set up, one for the nursery aged kids and one for the elementary aged kids. When I do check in for an event using the elementary check in station, the default printer automatically goes to the printer for the nursery kids and doesn't print because the laptop and printer are not connected. Is there a way to remove the nursery Dymo printer from my list or at least make the elementary printer be the default? It isn't too big of a deal, but it would make it easier on my check in volunteers. It can be confusing for them to remember which printer works with the elementary check in laptop.

    Thanks! I hope this post isn't too confusing. :)

  • @angela

    Thanks for reaching out to the breeze community! The suggestion here would be able to create two separate print stations and named them appropriately so that way you don't have to guess which one belongs to which. If you have a Station A and Station B, then set up your print stations to be named Print Station A and Print Station B. That should really help organize everything for you! 


  • Thank you, Stephen.

  • Before purchasing, I wanted to confirm that the following will create wireless check-in stations: 

    iPad mini 2, iPad mini 4, or iPad Air

    Re: iPad, I'm asking what iOS version I will need to use the Breeze and Brother apps

    Brother QL810W Wireless Label Printer

  • Hey @johnhau great question! As long as the device you're purchasing is still able to receive consistent (or the latest) updates from iOS, you shouldn't encounter any issues with the printing connection.

    It's when the iOS becomes outdated that you may begin to see performance issues. It should still work, but we can't guarantee peak performance with a device operating on an outdated iOS version. 

  • Setting up Breeze on Chromebooks. Seems like the printer is not compatible with Chromebooks. Is this correct?


  • Hi @ahenix

    While you can use Breeze on a Chromebook. Unfortunately, printing name tags, cannot be performed due to Chromebooks inability to install the print driver needed to print name tags.

  • @Steve P thanks for responding. Is this something I can submit to the Featured Requests and hope this can be on the wish list for the future

  • @ahenix

    I wish you could. Unfortunately, the limitation is with the Dymo printer driver software only being compatible with Windows and Mac. Chromebooks do not run on Windows or Mac OS they have their own OS.

  • Just confirm, with the iOS Brother Check In App & Brother Wireless printer, can you have multiple iPads or iPhones going to that one Brother printer or is it a one-to-one limit?

  • @matthewdesalvo

    Thanks for reaching out to the Breeze Forum! Although not confirmed, the assumption would be up to 10 devices can be connected to the printer at one time. This is due to documentation from Brother explaining bluetooth limitations up to 10 devices and the assumption would be the same for AirPrint. See here: https://support.brother.com/g/b/faqend.aspx?c=gb&lang=en&prod=p300bteuk&faqid=faqp00100288_000 

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

  • Awesome information. The suggestion here would be able to create two separate print stations and named them appropriately so that way you don't have to guess which one belongs to which. It's when the iOS becomes outdated that you may begin to see performance issues. It should still work, but we can't guarantee peak performance with a device operating on an outdated iOS version.  Is there a way to remove the nursery Dymo printer from my list or at least make the elementary printer be the default. It isn't too big of a deal, but it would make it easier on my check in volunteers. It can be confusing for them to remember which printer works with the elementary check in laptop. I will share in this post. Thank you.

  • @serviceprinter8

    Great question! You would be able to see all available print stations from any computers connected to the network. The only way to not see an available printer is for it to be on a different network! I hope this helps. 


  • Total nightmare.

    I have 2 of the latest iPads and 2 QL-820NWB wireless nametag printers. Both [new] equipment vetted by Breeze.

    It will print 1 iPad to 1 printer and after about 4 or 5 checkins and prints, then, it FAILS. No notices, it just does not print nametags.

    I will try to print 2 iPads to 2 QL-820NWB printers, it FAILS. Same issue.

    It gives me NO log files and no indication of WHY it FAILS. It just. does. not. print. nametags. after a few checkins.

    NETWORK: You might be wondering, what about the network? It's brand new and vetted by a network engineer. He setup an independent wifi network just for nametags (2 iPads and 2 printers). It's DHCP[not static]. It FAILS. I even used 2 separate wifi networks independent of our Comcast wifi system. 1 AT&T wifi hotspot and 1 Verizon wifi hotspot. It FAILS on both.
    APP: Yes, I'm using the Breeze checkin app.

    I am unable to Airprint. It's a total failure.

    I'm beyond frustrated and do not know where to go from here. My children's dept is relying on me to get this up and running, but I am totally unable to reliably check people in with nametags. They will need much more than 2 stations. They will need 4, and at the SAME TIME I will need to checkin 1 in main service.

    1: Have any churches been able to setup Airprint with more than 1 printer stations? If so, could you please reach out to me before I pull my hair out? guy@bayfarmchurch.org

    2: Breeze: do you have any comment on this? 

    I am hundreds of $$$ invested and more than that, 6 months of testing. Which all led to this day where I am without remedy.

  • Hey @guy!

    We're sorry that this isn't functioning as desired for you. We would love to troubleshoot this further for you from the support side. Talk to you soon!

  • Was Guy's problem resolved?  I have 2 iPads and 1 QL-820NWB printer.  I have the same problem of the printer simply stopping printing after 4-5 checkins.  This is our first day with this printer setup and it was a total failure.  Please post the solution.

  • We had the same frustrating problem. Spent 4 months on our network to find out it was not our wifi network.

    Erik Johnson helped tremendously. He got the engineering team to release a new Check-in App update about 7 days ago and it now works. I've only tested it for one Sunday. Will let you know if it fails again in the next few weeks.