Purchasing and Setting Up Your Check in Computer and Printer

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    Hope to one day be able to connect to a iphone/ipad via lightening to USB and print directly from there. 

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    followed all the steps. When I check someone, it defaults to the print page on the ipad I’m using for check in. Am I missing a step in the setup process? . . . Don’t think so b/c all of the above steps worked just fine but maybe. Could be a setting on the ipad itself that messes things up but can’t find anything. 


    Second question . . . can one computer be used to support multiple printers?

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    Hey jscott - I'm sorry about the troubles. I know from personal experience that getting the printer off the ground for the first time can be a huge pain.  
    If you've made the printer a print station from the computer, when you go to the check in page on the iPad it should popup a window asking which printer you'd like to go to.  Is that not happening for you?

    I've found it helpful to load the event from my computer, click check in, then select the printer and click the "make print station" directly from the event check in page and then using the iPad from there - I've found that it picks up the print station a little better.
    However, if you try those tips and it's still not helping, please Contact our Support Team and we'd love to walk you through some extra steps and possibly set up a screen share with you so that we can get to the bottom of it!

    For your second question - yes.  You can plug in as many printers as you have USB ports.  However each external device (iPad) can only connect to one print station.  So if you have 3 printers, and 3 iPads, each iPad will have a designated printer to go to. 

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    We’ve got an Epson Printer that’s served well for 4 years, use the scanner rarely but the quality is astounding. if the Epson Repair Center is the good choice provided to the customer,  Along with Multi pack and XL cartridges, the price per print is low and it’s never failed to come up with the goods. There are any issues regarding help with 24/7 hours support.

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    Is there a way to print from a tablet that has the breeze app and NO COMPUTER? 

    If so, which printer do I need to do that?


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    Emily W.

    Hey Jake!

    Looking to bypass the need for a computer altogether and print directly from your iPad to a printer? Check out the unofficially supported Air Print Check In iOS app. Note that to use the unofficially supported app, it requires a wireless Brother Printer, not the DYMO label printers 

    Happy Breezing!


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    Thank you! 

    Does this have an android app?

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    Emily W.

    Hi Jake!

    While there is an unsupported AirPrint application for Apple users, I am unaware if this is also provided for Android users. (Here's the app for reference)

    Example Printer: Brother High-Speed Label Printer with Wireless Networking


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    Hi Emily! I am getting ready to purchase everything necessary to get us up and running. I am torn between a laptop and a ipad. What do you recommend? Thanks!

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    Emily W.

    Hey Molly!

    I would recommend a laptop! We have used both and you can use both for check-in or accessing the software, but if you are printing name tags,the computer needs to be involved in the equation for processing the name tag through the DYMO software. Because the software cannot be installed on phones or tablets, the computer is essential to being able to print wirelessly. 

    However, the benefit to the wireless printer is that you can have your Print Station open on a computer in your office, tech booth, etc. and it will communicate over the wifi to the printer. This will give you the appearance that you are printing directly to the wireless printer with the computer out of sight. 

    Hope this is helpful! Keep up the great work! :) 

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